I used to only ever eat cherries in the summer but now that I have discovered and developed this black forest gateau inspired smoothie I see many more in my life going forward. You see fresh cherries are only really available here in Sweden during the summer months but in this recipe I use frozen which is available all year. And! As we all know frozen fruit is fabulous in smoothies. They add lots of that fruity flavour that we all love but also keep things cool and thickens the smoothie in a way that fresh fruit can’t.

To go along with the frozen cherries the base for the smoothie is banana. Banana is just the perfect base line for smoothies and while it gives this smoothie body and creaminess you won’t really taste the banana flavour. The dominant flavours are chocolate and cherry with a hint of almond from the almond butter – just like a black forest gateau.

This smoothie makes a delicious and lazy summer dessert but makes and equally good breakfast, maybe with some nice hummus or avocado on toast on the side. So if you’re after something that tastes like dessert but is wholesome enough to eat for breakfast then this one is for you! And for everyone else also of course. 😉

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Malin x

Black Forest Smoothie

Serves 1.


1 banana

0,5 cup frozen cherries

1 scoop unsweetened vegan chocolate protein powder, optional

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

4 walnut halves

A pinch of vanilla powder or a dash of vanilla extract

0,5 cup plant milk, I use oat