This golden smoothie will warm you from the inside out with a hit of ginger and a pinch of turmeric. It’s sweet and spicy and full of goodness. I mix banana, orange and frozen mango as the fruity base of this smoothie and it makes a really delicious tropical combo to carry the fiery ginger. Feel free to also add ice if you want a really cold smoothie but remember that the frozen mango will keep it cool as well. There’s not much more to say than blend away and enjoy!

Also check out my other delicious smoothie ideas that were featured alongside this one in this youtube video; black forest chocolate and cherry smoothie and nordic smoothie bowl. If you still want more smoothies check out this video with my three go to smoothies.

Malin x

Fiery Golden Smoothie

Serves 1.


1 banana, peeled

0,5 orange, peeled

1 small carrot, cut into small pieces

0,5 cup frozen mango

1 tsp fresh ginger

A pinch if ground turmeric

0,25 cup plant milk, I used oat

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