It was so hot during our last week in Berlin that I thought I’d share this smoothie recipe for all of you who are like me and prefer to drinking eating your meals whilst you’re melting away. But now that I’m finally posting this I’m in Sweden and it’s raining. I haven’t had perfect timing with anything really since we’ve been travelling but I hope you will still enjoy this nutrient rich thirst quencher. And maybe we can agree that later is better than never? The smoothie is a winner, that’s all you need to know and I hope you will trust me and give it a try. If you prefer a thinner smoothie in the heat simply add more liquid and maybe even swap the almond milk for coconut water or just tap water if you prefer. And remember that high speed blenders deal with vegetables like kale better so be prepared for some bits if your blender is less powerful. Enjoy!

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MAKES: 1 large glass /  TIME: 5 min

1 small ripe banana
¼ large or ½ small avocado
½ cup frozen mixed blueberries and raspberries
2 kale leaves, I used purple, stems removed
1 tbsp, or more, hemp protein powder
1-2 tsp chia seeds
¾ cup almond milk
Optional: 1 tsp flaxseed or hemp oil

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend/pulse until smooth.