Good Morning,

After spending time with some friends the weekend before last I’ve gotten back into smoothies. Each morning at their house we would have a concoction of fruits and vegetables blended up with apple juice and this is what sparked my smoothie-urge. I also really enjoyed blending the smoothie with apple juice instead of water or plant milk as it added a nice sweetness. Although it’s probably the healthiest to blend it up with just water I’m going to treat myself to an apple whizzed sweet green smoothie now and again.

It’s especially good in green smoothies I think as it really counteracts the green flavour. This means that if you don’t like green smoothies normally you might just like this one but if you don’t like them at all I say: don’t have them! Never have something you don’t feel like or don’t like at all, just eat something else and find other foods that have similar nutrition so that you get all the goodies you need. One does not have to drink green smoothies to be a cool kid! Personally I don’t enjoy powders from spirulina, wheat grass or nettle in my smoothies and therefore I never add them. Our palates do change over time but if there’s something that isn’t really important let’s not make it a big deal and let’s have other plant foods we like instead.

Okay enough about that, got off on a tangent about nothing there. Sorry! Back to the smoothie. It’s green but tasty. Basically. It also does not have any banana in it. I have been struggling to make smoothies I like without banana. Okay, maybe I haven’t tried that hard but I’ve been wanting to make better smoothies with other fruits as a base for a while and with this one I think I’ve done it. I do still sneak a little exotic kiwi and some lime in there but other than that it’s based on apple and pear which is cool.

Now I think I’ve covered the specifics about the smoothie, except for what makes it so green but you can read about that in the ingredients list below. I hope you like this smoothie as much as I do and I wish you a fabolous Wednesday. Enjoy! x

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YIELDS: 1-2 servings  /  TIME: 10 min

2/3 cup apple juice
2/3 cup water
1 large handful spinach
1 large leaf curly kale, destemmed
1 red apple, cored and in chunks
1/2 sweet pear, cored and in chunks
1 kiwi fruit, the flesh
1/2 lime, juice only
1 tbsp hemp seeds

Using a blender, preferably a strong high speed blender, start by mixing your greens and liquids together until combined into a green liquid.

Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend again until smooth. If you wish to have a cold smoothie you could add a few ice cubes before blending.

Pour into two glasses to share or have it all to yourself!

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