This dessert is such a stunning silky smooth texture and you just can’t go wrong with orange chocolate – am I right!? I hope you agree and that you will try this super simple recipe that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve made it in several renditions; plain, with orange, peanut butter, cardamom, mint and the list can go on and on.

The base of it is silken tofu which might lead to some doubt as you read this but trust me it is such a game changer. It gives it a great texture and carries flavour so well and no, you won’t taste the tofu. I promise!

I made this dessert recipe in my Valentine’s menu video this year, 2021, in hopes to inspire many cosy (and plant powered) home dinners this year. Let’s not forget to celebrate because we are spending time at home and what better way to celebrate than with yummy food. The menu finishes off with this chocolate number and starts with this bruschetta with green olive tapenade followed by some flavour packed mushroom steaks with parsnip and white been puree sprinkled with dukkah. I also threw in this fennel and fresh herb salad for some green goodness. Hope you enjoy

Malin x

Orange Chocolate Pots

Serves 2.


175 g silken tofu

2,5 tbsp maple syrup

0,25 tsp orange zest

1 tbsp fresh orange juice

100 g dark chocolate

A small pinch of salt

Serve with:

Slivered, toasted and salted pistachios

Pomegranate kernels

Orange zest, optional