These thin chocolate discs make a perfect treat to enjoy with friends and family or make as a gift. Now that Christmas is around the corner they make a fantastic last minute Christmas gift as they are very quick and easy to make. They are also fun to make as an activity with others. You could even change up the toppings and let everyone choose their own and then taste each other’s.

My chosen flavour is a delicious combo of toasted pistachios and sea salt with a touch of fragrant dried edible flowers. The flowers came as a sprinkle from a local shop selling specialty food items but I have also seen them in a large, well-stocked supermarket nearby. You can also find them online, this is the brand I used. But the flower sprinkles are not essential to make tasty chocolates even though they make everything look very beautiful and romantic.

Whatever you choose to top the chocolates with this is a more delicate option to making chocolate bark. I think the small and thin discs have a luxurious feel and if you choose a good quality chocolate you already like the taste of then it can’t go wrong. Have fun making them and enjoy eating them!

Malin x

Thin Chocolate Discs

Makes 12 discs.


100 g dark chocolate

0,25 cup pistachios

1 tbsp dried edible flower sprinkles, mine was a mix of rose and corn flowers

0,5 tsp sea salt flakes

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