I love having spice and seed blends like this one on hand as they instantly lift the simplest of foods. This particular blend is inspired by Japanese furikake; rice seasoning. And it is delicious on rice, actually any dish that contains rice pretty much, but also on salads, nourish bowls and anything else you can think of that needs a little boost in the flavour department.

It is a savoury blend with a touch of the sea as I use nori seaweed as is traditional in furikake. My preferred method is actually to use a toasted and pre-seasoned nori seaweed snack that I can find in the supermarket here in Sweden. I think it a Korean way of preparing the seaweed, at least according to the packaging, and this is the brand I use. I like that it adds more complexity of flavours and a more crunchy texture but you can also use toasted nori sheets that you cut into small pieces if you can’t get a hold of this snack.

Other than the seaweed sesame seeds play the main roll and add a delicious nutty crunch while nutritional yeast, chili flakes and sea salt bring spice and umami. It is very easy to make but will elevate the simplest of meals to a delicious treat!

Malin x

Vegan Furikake

Makes 1 cup.


0,5 cup sesame seeds, I used both white and black

0,25 cup toasted and seasoned nori seaweed crinkles (see video for reference), or sub with 2 toasted nori sheets

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

1 tsp Aleppo chili flakes (or sub 0,5 tsp crushed regular chili flakes)

0,5 tsp sea salt flakes