Oatmeal is my staple breakfast and I enjoy trying to invent new cococtions to make a little more exciting. This particular oatmeal is inspired by two of my favourite middle eastern flavours, dates and tahini. I often bring dates back with me when we visit Rob’s parents in Dubai and eat them just on their own, in desserts or use them for a natural sweetener for my breakfast like in this recipe. Stirred into the oatmeal from the start of the cooking they simply blend into the creamy oats and add some sweetness and caramel flavour. I like to pair this with the more dry sesame flavour of tahini. In terms of the amount of each of these you must play around to find what suits your palette, I have suggested how much should be added but this is how I like it – find out how you like it too. Enjoy this breakfast as the days get a little colder and shorter and late summer turns into autumn.

PORTIONS: 1 portion  /  TIME: 12 min

0,5 cup pure oats
0,5 cup water
0,5 cup oat milk, or prefered plant milk
1 tsp milled flaxseed
1-2 chopped medjool dates, depending on your sweet tooth
1 tbsp tahini
Toppings of your choice, my favourites: cinnamon, almonds, pecans, dried fruit, blueberries etc.

Place oats, water, almond milk, linseed and chopped dates in a small sauce pan over medium heat.

Stir and bring to a light boil, keep stirring until the porridge has thickened and reached your prefered consistency, you might want to add some extra water as the linseed absorb much liquid.

Ladle into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings.