I am sorry it has taken me this long to write this post but when you see the size of it I think you might understand why. In addition I have been busy working on a new site together with Rob and I’m excited to let you know that you can visit it now and enjoy a bomb of photos from our travels here. But let’s get back to this photo bomb of a post and why we’re really here: Berlin! My love for this vegan friednly city is immense and I am excited to show you why. Below I have gathered all my vegan experiences from the month I spent in Berlin below and divided the post into specific areas of the city, so it should be easy to navigate, and at the end I have added some places I would have loved to visit but didn’t find the time for. Now go ahead and delve deep into my first post on vegan travelling and the amazing city that is Berlin!

No 58 Speiserei.


Our Air Bnb was located in the heart of Schillerkiez, a lovely area in this buzzling part of the city. Neukolln is well connected and probably the fastest developing area in the city at the moment with all the pros and cons that entails. Either way it’s a haven for vegans with many nice, and often trendy, cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the Middle Eastern influence and find lots of fresh fruit and vegetable shops as well as falafel.

No. 58 Speiserei

Weisestraße 58.

The place we managed to become locals at and somewhere I look forward to visiting again soon. Healthy vegan food, glutenfree bread, smoothies, juice, raw cake, what more can a girl ask for? Try their tofu scramble, it’s amazing.


Mos Eisley

Herrfurthplatz 6.

If you are an icecream lover like me you have to try the icecream at Mos Eisley, in particular the ‘crunchy peanut’ and ‘chocolate and hazelnut’, the latter tasting exactly like frozen nutella. Do what the locals do and take your cone to Tempelhofer Feld for an ice cream picnic.


Pele Mele

Innstraße 26.

Another place we only had a glimpse of but I heard they have a nice weekend brunch and I gathered from the menu that they have good lunch options. It also seems like a great spot to get some work done if you’re visiting for a longer period and need some alone time with you laptop.


Let It Be

Treptower Straße 90.

A vegan creperie although I never made it past the burgers on the menu, sorry! They have glutenfree buns and the galettes are also glutenfree. Try the ‘Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’; it’s a Mexican feast of a burger. I also liked the ‘Mike Tyson’ with barbecue sauce. This is not a place where you find healthy choices, just enjoy the junk factor.



Sonnenalle 54.

This is the only Middle Eastern eatery we made it to in Berlin, it was that good! It was also the first place I tried ‘msabaha’; a hummus dish mixed with whole chickpeas, tahini, oil and herbs. If you are visiting Berlin on a budget I suggest you find a seat and never leave.


Alaska Bar

Reuterstraße 85.

We only managed to have a drink at this lovely vegan bar but they also have vegan pop up dinners here each Thursday and brunch at the weekend. Very nice staff and atmosphere.


Dr. Pogo Veganladen Kollektiv

Karl-Marx-Platz 24.

A lovely collectively run vegan health food store with most things you need to stock up your Air Bnb kitchen. I particularly enjoyed the pay by weight seeds, nuts and grains; you simply sccoped as much as you wanted into a bag and they weighed it at the till, perfect for travelling!

1-2, No 58 Speiserei. 3-5, Alaska Bar. 6-7, Let it Be.


This is the hip and trendy’s strong hold in Berlin but is now also full of tourists milling about. It’s a great place for bars and cafes as well as restaurants. The Landwher Kanal runs through this neighbourhood and if the weather’s good I’d recommend a stroll or a pic nic by the water. Here you will also find the famous Turkish Market, with heaps of fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, and a textile market on Saturdays.

Langano Ethiopian Specialties

Kohlfurter Straße 44.

Grab a friend who likes to share and order the vegan tasting platter, in the menu it says vegetarian but I asked and it’s completely vegan (and gluten intolerance) friendly. You will be served a basket with a tray inside, on the tray you will find the injera (a fermented flat bread/pancake) spread out as another plate and on top the different ‘curries’ and salads. It is delicious and it’s not to be missed!


No Milk Today

Fichtestraße 3.

Find your afternoon raw cake fix here or try a milkshake if that’s your jam. A very cosy cafe tucked away on a tree lined street. Serves simple lunches like salad or quiche (not glutenfree) but I would come here for a ‘fika’ (Swedish for coffee, cake and a chat).


Eissalon Tanne B

Eisenbahnstraße 48.

Another ice cream parlour with creamy vegan options as well as sorbets. Go wild!


Turkish Market

Maybachufer, closest tube stop: Schönleinstraße.

This market seems to be an institution among the trendies and hungries of Berlin. Find a whole bunch of vegetable and fruit stalls (some are organic), Turkish/Middle Eastern antipasti, nuts and seeds, spices and lots of people. There is not much ‘ready to eat’ food but there’s a stall selling Turkish food and another selling Jamaican which both have vegan options. On Tuesdays and Fridays.


Markthalle Neun (Street Food Thursday)

Eisenbahnstraße 42-43.

This is one of the few remaining traditional grocery market halls in Berlin. Daily you will find the stalls open for commerce although I visited on a Thursday afternoon/evening for Berlin’s largest street food event which happens every Thusday. There are not many vegan options but look around. If all fails with the temporary stalls there is always one dedicated to vegan burgers, smoothies and raw cakes.

1, 4, Langano. 2, No Milk Today. 3, a photo booth. , 5-8, Markthalle IX.


This is an area that has undergone a huge change since the wall fell as it is located in the former East Berlin. It used to be cheap and artsy and is now very clean and tidy, with a lot of expats it seems. Either way it is a lovely area to walk around in and also has many vegan places to visit. It is very lush and a little plush.

Cat Tuong

Brunnenstraße 164.

This was a nice surprise for us on one of the last days in Berlin. A completely vegan Vietnamese restaurant with delicious juices and smoothies. The food here is delicious too and the staff friendly. We tried a seaweed parcel, which is the closest to eating fish I’ve some levitra generic since jumping on the vegan train, and a noodle salad but all the dishes sounded fantastic.


Liquid Gardens

Stargarder Straße 72.

This is green smoothie heaven. You will only find green smoothies on the menu and the one I tried definitely passed the taste test.


Jute Bäckerei

Schönhauser Allee 52A.

A completely glutenfree and vegan bakery. I bought a delicious loaf of buckwheat sourdough here. It is not a budget bakery but worth the pennies.



Lychener Straße 4.

We found this vegan bar in the heat and I indulged in a seriously decadent ice cream milkshake. We also ordered some seriously decadent nachos with soya mince and vegan cheese. Most people come here for the vegan cocktails and other beverages though, enjoy not having to ask what beer is vegan!


Kontor Eismanufaktur

Ice cream lovers you are in for a treat! This ice cream parlour is completely vegan and full of goodies, both creamy and fruity. You can also find vegan donuts here, and try a donut ice cream sandwich (not glutenfree).


Avesu Vegan Shoes

Schivelbeiner Straße 35 / Warschauer Straße 33.

Find this vegan shoe shop right next to the Prenzlauer Berg branch of vegan supermarket Veganz or within the same building as the Friedrichshain branch. A great selection of vegan shoes from a variety of brands, there’s something for everyone here.

1-5, Cat Tuong. 6-8, Liquid Gardens. 9-10, Chaostheorie.


The city centre of this capital city with all that entails, not my favourite part of the city but if it’s your first visit there’s of course places you should see. Many of the historical sights and contemporary business will be found here and commercial shops and chains too of course. I find the outskirts of the area more pleasant though and it offers a few gems. I’ve only got one in store for you in this guide but it’s definitely worthwhile so don’t miss it!


Weinbergsweg 3.

Great smoothies and juices, acai bowl breakfasts, delicious grain and vegetable bowls. I really liked the almond butter dressing and the chocolate smoothie is to die for. A must for healthy food junkies.



A very well connected area of the city that I don’t know all that much about. It has the best vegan sight to see in the city though; Veganz a completely vegan supermarket, it’s something you mustn’t miss. Otherwise there are a few vegan cafes around and you will find some nice weekend markets in the area too!

The Bowl

Warschauer Straße 33.

A very sleek looking vegan restaurant on top of the vegan supermarket Veganz. It serves healthy foods in a bowl, I loved the macrobiotic bowl! They also do good juices, smothies and hot drinks like turmeric latte. High on my recommendations list!


Oh La La

Mainzer Straße 18.

Vegan cafe with cake extravaganza. I came for the brunch because this place is completely vegan and glutenfree meaning I could have everything, but when I go back it would be for the cakes.



Warschauer Straße 69 and more.

A good covenience chain with healthy vegan takeaway. Smoothies, juices, salads, soups and all the normal lunch stuff. Not a great atmosphere for chilling out but a good option on the go.


Boxhagener Platz Farmers Market

Grünberger Straße.

Great farmers market with fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other goodies. Beautiful flowers too! Only on Saturdays but there’s also a great flea market here each Sunday.



Warschauer Straße 33 / Schivelbeiner Straße 34.

This is a supermarket and everything in it is vegan! Pretty amazing if you ask me, it’s a must see. And if you visit the Friedrichshain branch I would recommend lunch/dinner at The Bowl before/after.

The Bowl.


Thai Park

Preußenpark, closest tube stop: Blissestraße or Hohenzollernplatz

This is an amazing event that takes place during the warmer months in Berlin. The Berlin Thai community gather in a park called Preußenpark where they cook up a storm of traditional Thai cuisine. I think the safest bet is to go on the weekend and don’t get there too late as the vendore might run out of goodies. The best part, order som tam, green papaya, salad (make sure to ask for no shrimp or fish sauce) and have it made in front of your eyes with a huge pestle and mortar. Also I heard the sticky rice with mango is to die for, but I got to that one too late.

Thai Park.


This city always keeps me coming back for more! More food, more art, more green city walks, more late nights in cafes. I would recommend anyone to visit this capital city, whatever you are interested in you will find it interesting. With such a rich contemporary history and flux of everything all the time you won’t be disappointed. Here are places I plan to visit next time I go!

Cafe Vux, Neukölln.

A totally vegan cafe, also with a weekend brunch that’s meant to be very good.


Roamers, Neukölln.

A cafe with a beautiful instagram, not sure about vegan options but looks very popular.


Viasko, Kreuzberg.

Meant to be the best vegan brunch in Berlin.


Hallesches Haus, Kreuzberg.

Concept store and cafe, also with a great instagram. Would love to window shop and have some tea here.


Kopps, Mitte.

Not far from Daluma you can find this vegan restaurant.


Cafe Morgenrot, Prenzlauer Berg.

Down to earth vegan cafe.


Dong Xuan Centre, Lichtenberg.

Basically a Vietnamese version of London’s China Town with lots of supermarkets, stores and restaurants.

Privacy Preference Center