Almost three years ago now I wrote a list of places to eat vegan food in Berlin here on the blog and today I’m back with some more tips from our last trip a couple of weeks ago as well as all of your recommendations. It’s very easy to be vegan in Berlin and many of the places on the list from 2015 are still going strong so if you’re planning a visit check out that post as well. Berlin is awesome and has so much to offer visitors. From vegan food to historical tours and museums, art, shopping and parks. It’s a city that will always have a special place in my heart after having traveled there several times when I was a bit younger to experience the artistic drive in the city and I recommend a visit to everyone and please don’t miss out on all the museums, they’re a treat. Now let’s have a look at where we ate this time and which places you’ve recommended, big thanks for these generous recommendations – I really appreciate all of the lovely messages you sent me on my trip! 

PS. If you’ve got any other Berlin gems please share your favourite places with us in the comments, and if you’re going and have questions fire away in that space too.


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Brammibals Donuts – Fully vegan donut cafe with good coffee and bagels, no gluten-free options.

Populus – Trendy coffee place, and roasters, by the canal close to the market at Maybachufer.

Tribeca Ice Cream – Vegan “super food” ice cream bar with delish pistachio ice cream and gluten-free cones.

Balaram Veganes Eis – Vegan ice cream bar, also with delish pistachio ice cream and yes I was on a pistachio trip.


Now for your tips which I didn’t get a chance to try this time:

DUO Ice Cream – Sicilian ice cream bar with what looks like an extensive vegan flavour list.

Napoljonska – People recommend the breakfast platter and cakes with coffee, the so called “fika”.

New Deli Yoga – Vegetarian cafe and coffee bar attached to yoga studio, have walked past and it looks cosy with a good amount of space.

Süße Sünde – Vegan sorbets.

Toki the White Rabbit – Vegan breakfast, lunch and early dinner with good selcetion of dishes. Many gluten-free options including bread.

White Crow Cafe – Food looks creative and fresh, also have house made kombucha.


Kopps – All vegan restaurant with a fantastic brunch with everything you would normally enjoy at a brunch, except completely vegan. Is also meant to have fantastic fine dining dinner menu. You need to make a reservation.

Con Tho – Vegetarian vietnamese restaurant with interesting lunch menu, we all enjoyed it.

Soy – All vegan vietnamese restaurant with lovely pancake stuffed with seitan, tofu and herbs.

Lia’s Kitchen – Good burgers in small ‘hole in the wall’ kind of restaurant with a few seats inside and outside as well. Like the chilli bean burger! No gluten-free buns but lots of salads and smoothies on the menu, including vegan shakes.

W Der Imbiss – Fusion place with many vegan options, many Indian and Indian inspired dishes. We enjoyed it for lunch.


Now for your tips which I didn’t get a chance to try this time:

Burrito Baby – Vegetarian burrito place with lots of vegan options as well s gluten-free alternatives.

Hermann’s – Restaurant with vegan options, website and menu remind me of Ottolenghi restaurants in London.

La Stella Nera – Vegan pizza place with lots of options. Rob visited and tried the calzone which he loved. Can’t spy a gluten-free pizza option but plenty other dishes on the menu.

LÜCK’S – Vegan european restaurant with what looks to be an Italian inspired menu. The gnocchi was recommended.

Mana Food – Vegan restaurant with what looks like a good variety on the menu, Salads, sandwiches, bowls and burgers all fit on the menu. Also spy a brunch.

Ryong – Menu looks like Japanese/Vietnamese fusion as far as I can see on the website. Recommended by several of you.

Wilde Küche – Vegetarian restaurant with what looks like nice outdoor seating.

Yafo – Recommended as best Middle Eastern, with Israeli roots according to website.

1990 Vegan Living – Another vegan vietnamese place very close to Balaram ice cream bar.


Flohmarkt im Mauerpark – Big flea market every Sunday with live music and lots of people hanging out in the park

Tempelhofer Feld – Airport grounds in Neukölln repurposed as park with lovely urban garden to stroll around in.

Wochenmarkt am Maybachufer – On Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 am you can buy all the fresh fruit and veg you could want along with other goods like spices, bread, soaps, fabric and haberdashery, houmous, olives and street food among other things at this lively market.


And some shopping:

Avesu – Vegan shoe and accessory shop with lots of styles and brands, definitely recommend this place. They also have an online shop!

Dear Goods – Next to the Prenzlauer Berg branch of Avesu you’ll find this ethical fashion store which carries several ethically produced brands like People Tree and Armed Angels. You’ll find both clothing and accessories. They have styles both for men and women.