Hello Everyone,

Since starting my Youtube Channel I’ve had a few requests to share my skincare routine and/or favourite products. Today I’m here to adhere to your requests with my 10 favourite vegan beauty products. As I’m no beauty expert and don’t use that many products on a day to day basis I think this should really be my 10 favourite vegan hygiene products but that just doesn’t sound all that sexy.

I’ve got a little bit of everything on my list but purely the things I use daily or almost daily. No make up has been included in the video but if you would like me to share my fave vegan make up just give me a shout, ok? Or maybe you’d like to know what else I do on a daily basis to feel and look my best? Talk to me.

In the video I talk a little bit about the various products and you can see how I put them to use so don’t forget to press the play button to get the full disclosure. Enjoy! x

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