In mid September my sister and I flew to London where we met up with Rob. We spent a week gallivanting about town eating a lot of yummy food and other fun things. For the first time in my life I held a tiny little baby for example, just six weeks. She was a cutie and we are very proud of our friends, her parents, who seem to have slid very comfortably into their new roles in life. We also met up with Olga of @oruga_san and her family which is always a pleasure. In the end I think we ate at Cook Daily three times in one week and that’s how much I love their coco ginger bowl, although this never made the video unfortunately. I thought I’d list a few places that did though in case you want some inspiration for spots to hit when in London. And if you haven’t seen them before, here are my other posts all about where I like to go in London; the big and a couple of years old one and the smaller one which adds to the first one. In these guides you’ll find all the places that are in the video but not on the new list.

And now for the new tips and don’t forget to check out the video to get all the scoop on what we were up to and what some of these places look like! x


Boiler House Food Hall on Brick Lane

When I was in London in June I was so impressed with how this market had evolved to being extremely vegan friendly and while it wasn’t quite as full on this occasion I definitely recommend coming here to try vegan street food galore. You can find Pomodoro E Basilico, Eat Chay, Jake’s Vegan Steaks, Joey’s Kitchen, Vida Bakery and others selling their deliciousness here.

Broadway Market

Check this road out on a Sunday when the food and crafts market is in full swing. Great for people watching and food devouring. Find vegan fudge, Indian thalis, delish falafel, vegan burgers and much more vegan friendliness here. Don’t forget to stop by Tiosk for some tea and cake and maybe even something nice to take home.

Club Mexicana

This is all vegan Mexican inspired street food and it tastes ace. I’ve tried both their location at Pamela’s in Dalston where it works as a sit down restaurant as well as at their stall in Camden market. I recommend the to-fish taco and the nachos. Also this is not health food, it’s soul food with some healthy and not so healthy elements.


This gem of a restaurant is located in the Notting Hill area and very satisfying. It’s a vegetarian place with mostly vegan dishes on the menu. I’d recommend booking a table as it seems to get rather busy and we ended up sitting by the bar away from the beautiful light their huge windows let into the boho-chic space. I had the Mexican bowl, a matcha tonic, an adaptogenic latte and finished with the brownie sundae. I’d come back for all of them but not too often as this place rocks Swedish prices.

Zionly Manna Vegan Rastarant

In Peckham you’ll find this great lunch spot with lots of delicious African and Caribbean inspired dishes which you can combine in different ways to make up your meal. It is not the most aesthetically pleasing atmosphere placed in one of the plazas but the lovely attitude of the owner and delicious food makes up for it. They’ve also made it rather cosy so don’t think it’s sad looking, it really isn’t. We loved their selections of stews served with rice and noodle dishes as well as dumplings. They also sell some very cool juice concoctions so don’t miss out on that!


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