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It took me a million minutes longer to finalise this post all about Copenhagen to share with you but finally here it is. There is still a video to come however so keep your eyes peeled for that over on my youtube channel! This vegan Copenhagen guide will lead you to my favourite eateries and even a few sites and cool streets. I’ve even written down three hot tips to make sure you are up to speed with how to get around, where to get your snacks and where to find the best local people watching.

Copenhagen is full of trendy yet chillaxed people and everyone seems to have a bike to ride or a baby buggy to push, or both! The people of Denmark’s capital city also like their beer and, unfortunately, their meat. With that said the vegan scene seems to be growing here as everywhere else and you’ll be able to find plenty of good food as you cycle around the city, accompanied by said beer if you wish of course.

The city is fairly small but full of friendly people, unfriendly waitors, palace parks and hot dogs. I heard you can even find a vegan hot dog, or pølse as the Danes would say, at the hot dog stand called Den Økologiske Pølsemand and I thought I’d mention that here as it’s not included below due to us not being able to give it a taste test. Next time!

I’m positive that anyone visiting Copenhagen will have a good time and if you’re not ask a Dane for help because they seem to have that one down. Walks in the park, a drink (read: beer) on the curb and fine food – can’t really go wrong. Unfortunately the fancy eateries Copenhagen has become famous for did not seem the most vegan friendly but don’t despair as you’ll find a long list below where you can fill your belly the friendlier way. Now scroll away and explore my Copenhagen experience and if you’re going yourself – enjoy! x

If you’ve been to Copenhagen yourself please share with us your favourite places in the comments and if you’re going and have questions fire away in that space too.


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Everyone, and I mean everyone, cycles in Copenhagen which might seem a little overwhelming at first but you can’t go wrong on a bike in this city. The bike lanes are usually very wide and people are usually polite cyclists (at least for those who have experienced London). Stop lights will keep you in line and if you follow them you’ll be safe. It is the fastest means of transport I think, at least in comparison to walking and public transport and it will take you from door to door of all the places you’d like to visit. There are white semi-electric city bikes for rent at an hourly rate dotted out in the city (known as Boris bikes in the UK, not quite sure what they are called here). The city bikes are equipped with a tablet like screen which you can use to find a bike drop-off point close to your destination. Of course you could also rent bikes from various shops if you’re looking to use a bike for a longer period.

Grocery Shopping
Being vegan in Copenhagen is okay, it’s not fantastic. It took us some time to find staples like plant milks, dried beans, a variety of grains etc.
Two supermarket chains we found that offer various vegan products were Superbrugsen and Irma. At these two supermarkets you’ll be able to find all those things and both stores seem to have freezer sections for vegan substitutes. Superbrugsen also have vegan cheese, sausages and ice cream whilst Irma matches the ice cream selection but also has houmous and various Oatly products we couldn’t find elsewhere such as creme fraiche and cream.
For grains and pulses at a slightly lower price I would visit one of the many Middle Eastern stores which can be found dotted around the city (many in Nørrebro). You’ll also be able to find nuts in bulk and various spices, herbs, noodles etc at an affordable price and in bigger quantities.

Another place we found helpful was Thai Supermarket in Vesterbro which is a big store full of anything you could need for more or less any Asian cuisine you’d like to cook including spices, sauces, vegetables, noodles and much more.
For a fully vegan experience visit Astrid och Aporna which you can read more about below.
Organic vegetable and fruit shopping at affordable prices is done at Netto or Fakta which both have a fair selection.

The Bodegas
Personally I don’t really drink alcohol but I do enjoy socialising and the city’s bodegas seem a good and cheap place to do so. You could compare them to a standard pub in the UK or coming from a small town in Sweden it’s the kind of bars I came in contact with growing up; a little grimy but cheerful nonetheless. Cheaper beer, cheaper peanuts and better people watching than your average bar.

1-3, Cafe N. 4-6, Grød.


Melchiors Plads 3.
This vegan restaurant only opened in April but on my visit it was full of hungry people ordering brunch like there was no tomorrow. Rob and I both really enjoyed the brunch plate and went back to try the lunch menu too which was equally pleasurable – the salads are fully stacked. The owners are very friendly and so are the rest of the enthusiastic staff, this is a place you shouldn’t miss!

Cafe N
Blågårdsgade 17.
I loved the cosy atmosphere and decor in this colourful place. The food was well worth the visit too; both the brunch plate and the lentil soup get Rob’s and my combined approval. Extra points for friendly staff.

Jægersborggade 50 / Torvehallerne / Guldbergsgade 7a.
Enjoy some really tasty oat and quinoa porridge with your three favourite toppings, I enjoyed apple compote, berries and roasted nuts or dig into the yummy daal topped with tomato, coriander and roasted nuts. Simple but delicious, the way porridge should be!

1-4, Atlas Bar. 5-8, Morgenstedet.

Atlas Bar
Larsbjørnsstræde 18.
This bar and restaurant has a vegetarian menu where at least half of the dishes on our visit were or could be made vegan. We had some delicious bean tortillas as well as a killer salad plate with six different concoctions and a side of houmous. The decor is of another time and it reflects how I imagine Copenhagen back in the day. This is also the brother to vegan restaurant Urten which can be found upstairs on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights (I’m still waiting for the day I can try their food).

Fabriksområdet 134, Christiania.
This cafeteria style vegetarian restaurant serves up tasty and unpretentious food in the heart of Christiania. We enjoyed a tasty vegetable soup and a plate of their salads including potato salad with chickpeas, houmous and a sweet cabbage mixture with dried fruit. They had at least three vegan options on our visit and the atmosphere is lovely.

42 Raw
Pilestræde 32.
A popular raw vegan cafe in the city serving up various salads and other lunch fare. They also have an array of smoothies and vegan cakes making it a good pit stop when exploring the city centre.

1-3, SimpleRAW. 4-6, Kalaset.

Oehlenschlægersgade 12 / Gråbrødretorv 9.
If you’re looking for a fresh and light yet filling meal this place has you covered. Most items on the menu are raw food but they also serve semi-cooked items like a burger and a ramen bowl. The brunch is yummy and gives you a little bit of everything and the lemon slice is smooth and creamy deliciousness. Bring your big wallet for this place.

Vendersgade 16.
Another popular cafe serving brunch a la Copenhagen and a vegan one too; meaning that you will be served a plate of various savoury and sweet foods to enjoy in good company. This cafe/restaurant is retro looking and the interior is cosy and homely. They also serve other vegan food such as a burger, soup and salad.

Harbo Bar
Blågårdsgade 2D.
A cafe and bar all in one that also serves vegan breakfast. We can’t vouch for the breakfast but coffee, tea and vegan chocolate cookie were all approved by the tasting team behind this blog(i.e. Rob and I). They also had two vegan cakes on offer when we visited. Its dark and cosy inside with a cool retro hip design (yes, I just made that up) and they have generous seating outside. You’ll be able to see/listen too live music here as well.

1-3, Harbo Bar. 4, Durum Bar. 5, NiceCream.

Durum Bar
Nørrebrogade 195.
If you are looking for a quick lunch fix that doesn’t break the bank then you’ve got it right here. Simple but delicious falafel wraps and pittas. Beware of the yoghurt sauce, on my visit the gentleman serving me was kind enough to substitute it with houmous.

Astrid och Apornas Spiseri
Jægersborggade 39.
If you’re after pure junk food, vegan style, this is the place to go and I’d recommend the barbecue burger with hot-scharlotte sauce and nothing else, tasted like the real deal to me (minus the blood). Don’t get the fries/chips, they weren’t all that.

Elmegade 30.
All vegan and organic popsicles and ice cream sandwiches? Yes please I say. They also serve acai and peanut butter bowls. I hear something about another one being opened before summer hits Scandinavia as well so keep your eyes peeled.

Kødbyens Mad og Marked.


Frederiksborggade 21.
This hip and trendy spot has two indoor market halls offering various deli foods and street food stalls. One of our favourite Copenhagen spots Grød have their own stall. You can also check out Banh Mi Daily which offer a tofu filled Vietnamese baguette, Fresh Market for breakfast foods and snacks/desserts like chia pudding and avocado chocolate pudding as well as Vita Boost who have a variety of smoothies and serve a gluten-free and vegan panini.

Kødbyens Mad og Marked
Flæsketorvet, Vesterbro.
At a first glance Rob and I were in awe of the lack of veggie options but we ended up with a really tasty Rolex and were completely content. Rolex is a Ugandan street food that traditionally includes eggs but here they made a vegan version with lots of veggies and sweet potato chips wrapped in the traditional chapati which was delicious. We also grabbed a tasty root juice from Bar Djus and sat down to enjoy the festive atmosphere and good tunes.

Papirøen Street Food
Trangravsvej 8.
In an old paper storage in the harbour you’ll find a bunch of food trucks ready to serve you specialties from all over the world, although the choice is a little slimmer for us vegans but there’s still lots of fun and food to be had. We enjoyed a traditional Colombian plate with beans, rice and plantain chips as well as a funky pizza from Madenitaly; a completely vegetarian pizza truck with at least three vegan options on offer. The Fala Fala falafel truck looked good too and keep your eyes open for the vegan bibimbap. Enjoy the water side views and cheery atmosphere!


Astrid och Aporna
Christian Winthers Vej 2.
This vegan grocery store has you covered on your trip and it comes in handy when many grocery stores are ill equipped when it comes to more unusual vegan staples like tofu, mock meat and even low on variety of beans and grains in some instances. Astrid och Aporna’s is a Swedish brand making various vegan mock meats, cheeses and mayonnaise. This store however stock a variety of other brands and have everything from sweet treats to dried beans and grains with a big chilled section of milks, cheeses, ‘meats’ and tofu products. Tofu was even cheaper here than in our local health food store in Nørrebro.

Frederiksborggade 29.
If you read my Stockholm guide you might recognise the name of this bakery as it is the same chain. Naturbageriet is an organic bakery offering various baked goods including quite a few vegan and gluten-free options such as cakes, cookies and bread. This Copenhagen branch is also a deli selling various vegan foods such as plant milk, cream, yoghurt, chocolate, houmous and much more mostly at a very fair price point.

Meyers Bageri
Jægersborggade 9 + 5 other locations.
This bakery was recommended to us by our AirBnb host as well as our friends living here and the giant loaf of sourdough we bought in the end was heavenly.




Bådsmandsstræde 43.

We visited twice and on our first visit we simply had a walk around in the sun and met some friends for coffee in the midst of all the people visiting for a completely different reason. Personally I don’t smoke so for me Christiania is just a really lovely little haven in the midst of Copenhagen where one can experience something different and have a nice walk peaking at interesting self-made homes. On our second visit we enjoyed a meal at Christiania’s very own vegetarian restaurant Morgenstedet (read more about that under eat & drink) and we also spotted the deli cafe called Grøntsagen who seemed to have vegan options too. I’ve also heard that there’s meant to be an amazing falafel truck somewhere in the compound.


Assistens Kirkegård

Kapelvej 4.

This is a fantastic place to take a walk in the sun, or do like the Danes and bring your picnic basket. It is a graveyard but it seems to be treated as a park and I say why not? It’s a lovely green space so I’m glad it’s being used and that I could do so too.


Frederikberg Have

Frederiksberg Runddel 1A.

This is a lovely park that are the gardens surrounding Frederikberg slot or castle as we’d say in plain English. It is a great place to enjoy the sun like a Dane with a picnic blanket (and maybe even a picnic) or for taking a walk in the colder months.



Købmagergade 52A.

This tower located in the city center has a spiraled walkway all the way to the top where a fantastic view of the city and Öresundsbron can be enjoyed.



Probably the most photographed site in Copenhagen is this small centrally located harbour. It is a lovely site with a bunch of colourful houses which house a bunch of restaurants. I would come for the buzz and the view over the tourist attracting eateries though.

1-3, Rundetaarn. 4-6, Nyhavn.


This is a street in Nørrebro lined with various popular eateries, cafes and independent boutiques offering everything from selected second hand clothing to ceramics. Check out Gågrøn! for some fairtrade shopping (ignore the wool etc), Grød for a hearty breakfast/lunch and pick up a great loaf of bread from Meyers Bageri.

A street lined with vegan places or at least places where it’s easy to get a vegan meal. Check out Cafe N for a good meal, head to Habro Bar for a stacked breakfast plate or drinks in the dark and cosy bar or explore the vegan cafe/bar Kimia.

This is a quaint and rather short street in Vesterbro with some trendy cafes like Granola which seems a popular breakfast spot but I cannot confirm their vegan friendliness. Don’t miss the really cute flower shop called Blomsterskuret.


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