Hej på er (‘hi guys’ in Swedish),

This January Rob and I spent roughly a month in Stockholm trying to figure out if we could see ourselves there in the future. It was rather hard to make up our minds as our brains were slowly freezing to ice in the -18 degrees celsius weather but we did manage to explore parts of the vegan scene and of course I want to share it with you in this Stockholm vegan guide. I’ve included all the places we had yummy food at as well as some that I was dying to visit but didn’t manage to due to a persistent cold that hit hard a few days before we left. Tip no. 1; never leave the things you want to do the most for the last few days! That actually goes for everything in life really.

I was glad to see that there are quite a few places for me to explore and occupy my mind with when in Stockholm and for Rob and I to explore together as well! Having spent half of my childhood in a suburb to Stockholm I wasn’t so sure I’d really enjoy the city and whilst it was hard to see past the heavy grey clouds some days there’s no denying that Stockholm is a beautiful city! There’s water all around and it’s lovely crossing bridges to explore new areas of the city. Our conclusion after doing so for a few days is that the hip Södermalm area probably is the most vegan friendly part of Stockholm. Although the more fancy vegan dining experiences seem to be found around Vasastan going towards the city centre.

Anywho, ones you’ve read about all the food down below you can scroll further and check out my favourite grocery/health store experiences as well as sights/look out points and museums I recommend. I’ve even included some other shopping recommendations which really isn’t my forte. Stockholm however is very shopping friendly and even though I myself don’t buy too many things I like to window shop and pick pretty things up off the shelf and look at them up close. Even if I don’t take them home!

During our visit Rob and I filmed in a few of the places mentioned in this post and that way documented snippets of our experience as we went along. I put them all together in the video just above this paragraph and am hoping that you’ll feel tempted to press the play arrow. This is something I’m working on at the moment, take video footage that is, to share a more alive image of what I get up to with you all. If you’ve been over on my youtube channel sharing names with this blog you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Lastly before you go off into the Stockholm wilderness that is this post I wanted to alert you of my past vegan city guides because we can all use a little guidance now and again! Read about Rob’s mother’s birth place Budapest, my personal favourite Berlin or my most popular guide to London simply by clicking their names here! And then enjoy the rest of this post of course. x


If you’ve been to Stockholm yourself please share with us your favourite places in the comments and if you’re going and have questions fire away in that space too!




Skånegatan 87.

It wasn’t the best falafel I’ve ever had but definitely a pleasant experience in probably the hippest part of Sodermalm. Both Rob and I really enjoyed the interior of this falafel place and it was probably the most fancy looking falafel either of us have ever eaten. Would recommend to falafel lovers wanting to try a fancy falafel but I will stress again that it wasn’t my favourite falafel on the planet.



Swedenborgsgatan 1.

What a gem! A tiny little health food store come noodle bar with only two options per day where one is a soup and the other a salad. Both varieties of noodles offered on the day we went were gluten free and the topping options included a delicious mango curry tofu. Two of the sauces were vegan as well and we were in noodle heaven. The bowls came out lined with edamame beans, red cabbage, roasted butternut squash and a hep of sprouts. I also spotted some raw vegan desserts. Definitely worth a visit!
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Fjällgatan 23B.

This is the first vegetarian restaurant I visited in Stockholm when I was still a carnivore but had just met Rob and wanted to take him somewhere he would feel comfortable. And an added bonus is that the location of this restaurant which is on top a hill can be very romantic with it’s gorgeous view of Stockholm across the water. The food is buffet style with many vegan options, well worth your time both for the food but more importantly the view.



Hornsgatan 80.

Probably the place you’ll want to find when you’re budget is starting to diminish with the rather high Stockholm prices. Again this is another buffet style place, although here they’ll plate it up so you don’t need to worry about hygiene, with quite typical vegetarian fare like casseroles, salads and bakes. Many vegan options, delicious and good bank for buck with a cosy feel. Also great for takeaway.



Timmermansgatan 19.

A small organic cafe come deli where everything on the menu is gluten free. We found this place and had some hot drinks on a particularly cold outing but on another date we came for lunch and had a vegan refried bean quesadilla as well as a bean chilli served with quinoa. It seems a popular lunch spot as there were quite a few people chowing away both of the times we went. Unfortunately we weren’t really blown away by the food but it was at a good price point and very filling. We had a delicious oat mylk hot chocolate here though and that’s what I would come back for! Although I also saw that they have a few raw desserts, and I do have a weakness for those.

1-5, Snickarbacken 7. 6, Kaffeverket.

Själa Mat

Åsögatan 166.

With the fitting name ‘soul food’ this one man operation offers lunches, fresh juices, home made kombucha and raw desserts at yoga studio Nirvana in Sodermalm. The food is simple but delicious and the ingredients carefully sourced. The chef is a friendly and very passionate chap who took the time to serve us even though we came on a weekend when he is usually not open, we lucked out as there was a workshop going on at the yoga studio. This place comes highly recommended!



Sveavägen 105.

A Japanese restaurant where they have a separate vegan menu and make the tofu on site. We enjoyed the atmosphere of this restaurant and the food was good too. I especially liked the little tofu balls which came in the ‘Kokyo gryta’ meaning Kokyo stew. They really reminded me of Swedish meatballs, I never thought I’d say it but if you’re vegan and what to have a taste of the Swedish meatball go to this Japanese restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend the sushi but all the other dishes we saw coming out of the kitchen looked delicious.



Långholmsgatan 11.

This was our favourite raw food cafe out of two. Maybe our favourite cafe full stop, or at least tied with Kaffeverket. We enjoyed a delcious nori wrap with fresh sprouts, nut paste and other goodies as well as a heavenly raw creamy caramel slice. The girls behind this place just released a book full of raw desserts so definitely don’t miss out when you visit. I also loved the turmeric latte here and the matcha latte was ace too.



Bondegatan 6.

This is the second raw food cafe we visited during our stay in Stockholm and we enjoyed the raw pizza as well as the beet burger. I think this place would be great for take away as they pack boxes ready to grab from the fridge and it’s conveniently located in SoFo, Sodermalm, where there is lots of shops to browse and cafes to chill at.

1-2, Sally Voltaire och Systrar. 3, Matapoteket. 4-6, Kokyo.

Pom och Flora

Bondegatan 64.

Another Sodermalm hang out place although this cafe gets seriously busy. It is the hip of the hip I guess and the menu is very simple yet effective. Enjoy vegan chia pudding and green smooties. I’m not sure what the lunch deal is here and I’m quite sure I didn’t see any vegan sweet stuff but breakfast or a coffee/tea here is great.


Kaffeverket / Snickarbacken 7

Sankt Eriksgatan 88. / Snickarbacken 7.

These cafes are affiliated and offer the same menu. Snickarbacken 7 offers lots of space for working and even though it was very busy when we were there it didn’t get cramped. It also has a concept store attached to it with fancy stuff to take home. Kaffeverket on the other hand does get busy and rather full but I prefered the atmosphere here and the staff were very friendly. Enjoy there fantastic turmeric chai latte, vegan smoothies, a vegan salad bowl , soup and breakfast items like chia pudding and oatmeal.


Sally Voltaire och Systrar

Plan 2, Åhlens City, Drottninggatan 45.

Very conveiently located at the Swedish department store Ahlens in the central part of Stockholm opposite Kulturhuset (Cultural Centre) you’ll find this health focused cafe. There were at least three vegan options on our visit and we enjoyed a tofu and noodle salad special as well as their traiditonal vegan Buddha bowl with two types of houmous and other good stuff.


Gildas Rum

Skånegatan 79.

This is one of the cafes I used to visit when I studied in Stockholm and it’s still a favourite with it’s quirky design, friendly staff and giant tea cups. You’ll find at least one vegan friendly salad bowl here.



Minh Mat

Odengatan 94.

This very cute Vietnamese place has a separate vegan menu and even a vegan dessert on offer and I can’t wait until next time I’m in Stockholm to eat here. This will be the first place I visit on my next trip!


Lao Wai

Luntmakargatan 74.

A vegetarian Chinese restaurant with rather hefty prices. It’s meant to be delicious though and the lunch deal is very price worthy according to the internet.



Hornsgatan 39B.

I was told the best falafel is to be had here so I’m sad I missed it. If you guys get the chance to go please let me know f it is as good as they say!


Akki Sushi

Folkungagatan 45.

This place is as cool as can be according to hear say; it has no sign and the chefs are full of tattoos (and skills). Next time I’m going to check out the vegan selection for sure.




Skånegatan 92 (and Hornsgatan 176).

A small but very well stocked health food store that is completely vegetarian. I got some tempeh on sale here which made me very happy and my favourite Vivani chocolate which I haven’t found anywhere else. Recommended!



Brännkyrkagatan 62.

Oh yes! A completely (or at least almost) organic supermarket with anything you can imagine. Great selection of produce and products with everything from a bulk section from nuts and grains to beauty products. The price point seem similar to other organic produce/products here in Stockholm at other stores but you can enjoy browsing the shelves without thinking about whether something is organic. Thumbs up for this place!



Folkungagatan 68.

I really enjoy this health food store, they have a great selection of supplements, whole foods and fresh produce. A one stop health food shop.


Urban Deli

Nytorget 4 / Sveavägen 44.

A very hip and popular deli with adjoining cafe and restaurant. I’m not sure how vegan friendly the cafe/restaurant is ut the deli is fun with many vegan staples. A fun shopping experience.


Sattva Naturbageri

Stora Nygatan 6 (and Krukmakargatan 27).

You can sit down for fika at this bakery too, and for this I’d recommend the branch in Gamla Stan. But it’s a great place to pick up bread and vegan sweet treats galore to eat in your hotel room or even better if you’re in an AirBnb. You can also find vegan pirougise as well as other savoury foods for a lunch time bite. This place is down right cheap for Stockholm and even though the goods don’t look that fancy you must try them. Go for the carob brownie slab, it’s delicious. Or the classic; a vegan cinnamon roll (although it is not that similar to the ones I grew up eating).



Rosenlundsgatan 28 / Fleminggatan 83 / Lilla Nygatan 12.

You might have heard that Stockholm is the capital of Sourdough baking and if there’s a place that proves the point it’s Fabrique. Enjoy a generous hunk at one of their three shops or take it back with you to your AirBnb/Hotel room for a luxurious breakfast treat! Disclaimer; I didn’t see any gluten-free bread on my visit.


Saltå Kvarn

Renstiernas gata 27.

A shop only selling their own brand of organic food stuffs. Lots of whole foods in charming packaging to cook up in your AirBnb or nuts and other snack friendly foods for your hand bag as you peruse the city.

1-2, Fabrique. 3-5 Sattva Naturbageri.


Green Laces

Hökens gata 7.

A completely vegan shoe and accessories store with high standards when it comes to ethics. I actually bought some winter boots here during my visit and the very friendly lady helped me make a good choice that I would not have thought of myself. It is super cute/cool/kitshy and we were even offered some coffee in their parlour. There’s also a tattoo studio in the same room that I assume is vegan too so if you’re into your ink they’ve got you covered. Well worth a visit!



Hornsgatan 64.

Okay, maybe you won’t want to shop here unless you have some serious dollar in your pocket. For us mortals window shopping is maybe more the word here. Very attractive store with various retro items and even some plants. Very enjoyable and inspiring!



Skånegatan 75 and dotted throughout the city.

I like the branch on Bondegatan but you’ll find this charity shop chain all over Stockholm. Enjoy some Swedish leftovers in the capital, sometimes you find real gems and since Stockholmers are into their brands you’ll find rather expensive items at good prices.



All over, check website for exact locations.

Another charity shop chain dotted around the city where you could make a good deal.


Herr Judit

Hornsgatan 65.

Rob and I stumbled upon this vintage store, which is actually affiliated with Brandstationen mentioned above, and even though a few items weren’t vegan friendly they did have a lot of good looking clothes. Note that this is men’s wear but in all honesty we all wear clothes right? I saw many jumpers I’d consider wearing, men’s wear or not.




Galärvarvsvägen 14.

This museum is dedicated to the famous (at least in Sweden) Gustav Vasa’s ship which sank not far from the harbour on it’s first mission having been built more on aesthetics than functionality. The ship was saved from the sea however and can now be viewed here.


Hallwylska museet

Hamngatan 4.

A museum I have yet tovisit myself but have heard many good things about. It’s the old home of the Hallwyl family and they have been told to have had a very interesting sense of fashion.


Look out points

Enjoy great views of the city on Västerbron; a bridge connecting Kungsholmen to Hornstull. You’ll also find good look out points in these locations; Monteliusvägen and Skinnarviksberget.



Sergels torg.

The cultural centre is a big building in the centre of the city with a theatre, a library and a few project spaces. You’ll also find a couple of cafes here and in the summer it’s great to sit on the roof terrace. A good meet up and hang out spot.


Dansens hus

Barnhusgatan 12-14.

If you enjoy the art of dance this is the most well known stage where I guess the most well known names travelling to Sweden will perform. I’ve been here a couple of times myself and have always enjoyed myself.



Galärvarvsvägen 8.

This is the wonder land of the Astrid Lindgren stories and is great for kids; both young and older. If you love the stories you’ll enjoy this museum.




Enjoy cruising the streets of the hipster capital of Stockholm. Find many cosy and interesting cafes here as well as a bunch of independent shops.


Gamla Stan

The old town with it’s winding mini streets and touristy shops is a fu pass time for a few hours on your visit. I enjoy the atmosphere even though it can be a complete toursit trap. Avoid shopping here, simply window shop and grab a vegan treat at Sattva Naturbageri.

1, In the tube. 2, View of Gamla Stan. 3, Rob looking out over Vasterbron.

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