Comfort food galore coming your way with this new video. I invite you into my kitchen for the day and make cheesy grits, mushroom and rice soup as well as an autumnal pesto pasta with roasted veggies.

While I’m not a huge fan of the dark mornings and early sunsets I am a big fan of the food that comes along with autumn season. I can’t get enough of mushrooms at the moment and love cooking hearty meals with a lot of deep savoury flavours. That’s what the meals featured here are all about.

I also do a little taste test of three treats that I got my hands on and have along chat about their various attributes. Definitely can’t do these things fast so get ready to hang out for a while once you click play. And enjoy of course!

Malin x

PS. Find the recipes for the cheesy grits and mushroom and rice soup in the description box of the youtube video. Find the video on youtube by clicking here.