This nut butter is a really creamy and luscious treat! It’s inspired by UK nut butter brand Pip and Nut and their blend which is similar to what I’ve got going on here. They actually have some added sweetener in theirs which I left out because I don’t think it’s necessary as there is natural sweetness in the nuts and coconut. You might want to play around with adding a little bit of sweetener like maple syrup or brown rice syrup if you have a sweet tooth though!

Other then that this recipe is very straight forward, easy and pretty fast too. There’s a little bit of toasting and a whole lot of blending and then you have a jar of one of the yummiest nut butters I have ever had.

Feel free to make a whole bunch and dollop it all over. I enjoy it especially on my sweet breakfast bowls and stuffed into dates with a little bit of sea salt flakes and some crunchy walnut pieces. Yum!

Malin x

Almond and Coconut Butter

Makes one medium sized jar.


2 cup toasted almonds

0,5 cup shredded coconut

0,25 tsp vanilla powder

Pinch of salt

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