Nut butter is such a tasty treat to enjoy with almost anything. Who doesn’t love it on toast? Or on their sweet breakfast bowl for that matter. While we all love it we often end up eating mainly peanut butter and buy it in the store. Nothing wrong with that, peanut butter is delicious and getting it from the store is super convenient, but this post is all about making nut butter at home. The joy of making your own blend of nuts and seeds and realising that making this yourself is actually pretty easy and much more affordable. At least for those slightly more fancy butters like almond or cashew.

The recipe found below is an easy basic recipe for making nut butter at home. You can use it on pretty much any nut and feel free to mix in some seeds to, like I have done in my suggested recipe. I love a blend of sunflower seeds and mixed nuts, some of my favourites being cashews, almonds and walnuts. Mixing in seeds add to the nutrition of the butter of course and brings down the price a bit too as seeds tend to be cheaper then nuts. Cheaper nut butter means a bigger dollop on my oatmeal so I’m all for it, and it tastes great too!

I hope you feel enticed to try and make nut butter at home and find your own special favourite blend!

Malin x

Mixed Seed and Nut Butter

Makes one medium sized jar.


2 cups of mixed nuts (I used walnuts, almonds, cashews)

1 cup sunflower seeds

Pinch of salt