Let me introduce three delicious veg-centric side dishes that will impress!

In this video I cook up some seriously delicious veg dishes that are perfect for dinner parties and week night dinners alike. The inspiration for the dishes, that each let one ingredient from the plant queendom shine, are three of my Mother’s favourite vegetables. There are roasted cabbage wedges with a miso and lime butter, a shaved cauliflower salad with golden raisins and almonds as well as roasted tomatoes over lemon and dill yogurt.

I have personally been in a bit of a rut lately, which has included a cooking rut, where I’ve only really cooked the same things over and over again. Now I’ve reached boredom from doing so and felt a strong urge to get more creative when crafting these recipes. It is easy to fall into always making the same things and sometimes that is exactly what we need – easy week night meals that come together without fuss. You know I’m usually all about that! But other times we want something fun that will truly make the taste buds sing. This was ultimately my aim with these dishes and I really hope you will enjoy them!

Malin x