Cabbage is a favourite of mine all year around but when spring comes around and the tender spring cabbage comes into the shops it really makes my heart sing. This recipe will work with both types but I want to encourage you to make it when you can get your hands on this type of cabbage for a very succulent and sweet result.

In general, I find, cabbage is a great vehicle for flavour bombs. It has it’s own distinct flavour and texture for sure but still allows other distinct ingredients shine. In this case I have paired it with a simple melted butter with light miso paste and lime zest and juice. It makes a delightful concoction of savoury umami notes and zingy freshness. It also enhances the juicyness of the roasted cauliflower.

To finish the whole thing off, and to replace the crunch we’ve lost when roasting the cabbage, I sprinkle it with maple syrup roasted seeds. They are sweet, spicy and nutty and add great contrast in each mouthful.

Malin x

Grilled Cabbage with Miso and Lime Butter

Serves 4-6


1 head of fresh cabbage (or sub for winter cabbage*)

1 tbsp olive oil

Sea salt flakes, to taste

Seed sprinkle: 

0,3 cup mixed seeds (I used pumpkin-, sunflower-, and black sesame seeds)

1 tsp maply syrup

0,5 tsp chili flakes

Sea salt flakes, to taste

Miso and lime butter:

50 g vegan butter or margarine

2 tsp light miso paste

Zest from 1 lime

Juice from 0,5 lime

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