The most bountiful season is upon us!


September is considered the bountiful harvest month in Sweden if I’m not mistaken. The summer is coming to a close slowly and many fruits and vegetables have had the summer to grow and develop and are now at their prime. In this video I’m showing you what late summer produce I’m picking up at the market right now and telling you all about what I like to make with it. Below I’m listing all the recipes and inspiration I bring up – sorry not sorry, it’s a lot! I’m hoping this will give you plenty of inspiration to pick up what’s in season and get cosy cooking up delicious food for the rest of September.

I think of this time as a sort of in between time when I like to eat both lighter summer foods and more hearty and warming autumn foods. One day I’m munching on lettuce wraps and the next I’m savouring a chunky ratatouille. I love it because every day feels new and as seasons gently change I begin to find that restful homebody autumn pace. I’m not quite there yet but I see the light changing and the mornings cooling down and as it does I feel my sensibilities shifting. A littlebitter sweet as this time of year always is for me but there is always a sense of calm and appreciation among the tinge of melancholy. Writing this makes me curious how you all feel about autumn?

Now let me share all my food inspirations and things I like to cook right now, in this most bountiful of seasons, as promised in the video!


  • Sprinkle it over South Asian, South East Asian and Mexican dishes like these roasted potato tacos
  • See baingan bharta under Aubergine for a yummy recipe to try
  • Or these delicious Vietnamese inspired banh mi tofu sandwiches


  • Great in salads to spice things up like this potato salad
  • Try adding it to your hummus
  • See courgette baba ganoush recipe under courgette to try a different take on this Middle Eastern classic


Aubergine | Eggplant:

  • Ratatouille with this seasons bounty of aubergine, courgette, tomato and peppers
  • Baingan bharta, a delicious South Asian mashed aubergine dish with warming spices – serve with rice and dal or your favourite curry
  • Baba ganoush to dip bread into or to make an epic mezze spread

Bell Pepper:




  • Make a blueberry and blackberry crumble, use the crumble topping from the recipe for the pear crumble in this post
  • Top your breakfast bowls with fresh blackberries – it’s the most scrumptious treat
  • Heat them up with any other berries you like and a little sweetener to make a decadent compote
  • Blackberry creamy dessert pots
I hope you feel inspired! Feel free to share your favourite late summer meals with us all in the comments – sharing is caring.

What are you cooking up?