Another Sunday and another recipe that I’ve got to share with you guys. But before that the weather report, since it’s been a theme these last few posts, and I can let you know that rain seems to grace the lands wherever we go. At the moment we are back in my hometown visiting my mamma and pappa as well as lugging a bunch of wood stumps and branches out of my mamma’s garden in addition to having our car looked at again by my pappa. It’s all happening this weekend and following the manual labour carried out in the garden we are T to the IRED. It seems a fitting state to match the weather though so no complaints here.

Time to talk about the new recipe though! It utilises a vegetable that is usually abundant during summer; the courgette. We didn’t grow any ourselves as we used our space for hokkaidos which are looking rather successful at the moment. I do remember having loads of them though when we grew them on our tiny patio in London. So if you want an abundant plant for next summer’s garden go for courgette. It’s a rather versatile vegetable and in this recipe I use it raw, shaved into ribbons which makes a beautiful looking salad. In my humble opinion. Using both yellow and green courgettes definitely add to the magic so if you get your hands on both you’re in for an eye treat.

I did use a plant from our actual garden in this recipe too though and it makes me feel so happy. Do you guys get that wonderful sense of bliss when you eat something you’ve planted? In the spring I put down lots of nasturtium seeds and the plants have really come into their own now in the late summer. I don’t know if that’s normal or not but I’m happy either way as I munch of flowers and leaves. They have such a unique and actually rather strong flavour which reminds me a little of mustard. It’s a great addition to the courgette which doesn’t hold much flavour of it’s own.

Combining these two summer stunners with some fresh herbs and lime juice brings a fresh breeze of yum to the dinner table. This without almost any effort, just a little handy work at the mandoline (or using your peeler or cheese slicer) and some tossing and you’re done. That’s the kind of summer cooking I love.

I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe and get to try it soon. Please share your pics with me if you do by tagging me @goodeatings and #mygoodeatings. I love to see your creations! x


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YIELDS: 4-6 starter servings /  TIME:  10 min

2 medium sized courgettes, I used one green and one yellow
Small handful each of fresh parsley + mint, roughly chopped
1 lime, juice + a little zest if you like
2-3 pinches flaked sea salt
4-6 nasturtium flowers
8-12 small nasturtium leaves

Use a mandolin, peeler or a cheese slicer to slice your courgette into ribbons length ways.

Place the ribbons in a large mixing bowl and add lime juice and zest, chopped fresh herbs and salt. Mix well, done easiest with your hands.

Place ribbons on a serving plate or individual smaller plates and decorate with nasturtium flowers and leaves.

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