Everyone could use some budget friendly meals in their repertoire and these are guaranteed to bring comfort and satisfaction this autumn and winter!

I though it was about time I created some recipes that could go under the budget friendly category, officially. I say officially because I think quite a few of my recipes tick this box as they are often based on cheap staple foods like beans and lentils, potatoes and root vegetables and seasonal produce. With that said I do also use some fancy seasonings and things like nuts to spruce up most recipes which do require a little more room in the budget.

So, in this video I share three yummy recipes with all the frills removed. Using simple staple ingredients and seasonal vegetables I have created, in my own humble opinion, three dishes that will bring comfort and satisfaction now that the temperatures have dropped. There is something for everyone I would say and I hope you will enjoy at least one if not three of them in your own kitchen soon!

Check out the recipes here: Potato and Kidney Bean Curry, Sauerkraut Fritters and Zingy Kale, Leek and Cannelini Bean Soup.

Malin x