Let’s start the new year by gathering some inspiration from the archives.

In this video I have compiled seven recipes gathered from previous videos posted last year and the year before. They are recipes I think deserve a second glance and/or dishes that I make often at home and think you might want to too. They are all suitable for dinner and lunch and there’s something for every season. Enjoy and find all the recipes right here as well!

There was a time, and sometimes there still is, when I made this once a week. Nowadays I make it probably two times a month – that’s how much I love this soup. It is hearty and savoury and makes good use of winter vegetables like carrot and kale.

Dish dish is a deliciously fresh combination of raw and herby salad and hot and spicy tofu. It makes a great lunch or dinner on a hot day or when you want something a bit more light without compromising on flavour. And! It’s quick and easy to make.

These little morsels are way more yummy than they might sound. They are both tangy and savoury and work great as a light lunch or dinner but also as a fantastic starter or side dish. Serve with a creamy dipping sauce or mayo for the best combo!

Have you seen a more beautiful colour pasta in your life!? Beetroot and cashews makes up the base for the creamy, hot pink pasta sauce that coats linguine in this heavenly combo. Top with some crunch and your all set. It has a wow factor making it perfect for dinner parties but is quick and easy enough to make for a week night dinner.

For all the green goodness look this way! Green spring veggies and a spicy bean salad sit atop a herby quinoa salad in this balance bowl. The final touch is the green basil dressing with extra everything which makes it sing – not to be missed.

This tray bake relieves you from cleaning pots and pans after dinner while delighting at the dinner table. An orange dressing kisses the cabbage, broccoli and marinated tempeh after roasting in the oven for more interest and zing to the earthy flavours. Serve with a grain if you wish for more satiation.

This sandwich makes a great packed lunch or a great lunch in general or a yummy easy dinner for when the tiredness hits (hello winter). The chickpeas and bread will keep you full and the lemon and dill will make the sandwich feel fresh and light – a delightful mixture if you ask me.