I hate throwing away leftover food and enjoy reinventing the instead. With the amount of food that goes waisted on this planet I think it’s important to start embracing the leftovers instead of forgetting them at the back of the fridge to then throw them out. This recipe transforms my mushroom risotto which isn’t as great the following day into something delicious and fun for second day enjoyment!

Makes roughly 5 falafel sized balls.
Requires a small to medium sized frying pan.



About 1 portion of my mushroom risotto
A generous handful of my parmesan style sprinkle
4 tbsp olive oil



Place oil in pan over medium heat.
Simply press together and roll the risotto into falafel sized balls.
Roll the balls in the parmesan style sprinkle.
Place balls in pan and shift frying surface often.
When the balls are golden brown and crisp the balls are ready.


Enjoy as a side to your lunch salad or as a snack!