I very much enjoy fried rice in pretty much any incarnation and this is my autumnal take with a touch of the Nordics. Being from Sweden this time of year is a time of delicious mushrooms, like chanterelles, and they make a great topping for the rice, quinoa and lentils that make up the satisfying base of this dish. I also throw some kale into the mix which is a favourite this time of year and keep the flavourings kind of basic, if you will. That could actually be the most Swedish thing ever, to use very little spices. I do still go a little above and beyond the average Swedish dish here still though using soy sauce, chili flakes and lemon zest so don’t fret – it will be tasty I promise!

Something I especially enjoy about the design of this dish is the colour of the grains which I learned to make from Sara of @shisodelicious. You simply mix in some black rice with the brown rice and it will turn out more or less purple. I also learned from Sara to mix different grains with each other when preparing them to add more interest and nutrition. This brings a bit of fun to this fried rice but I still want to mention that it is not strictly necessary and that you can make this dish with any type of rice and other grains too for that matter. The lentils are actually optional but I like adding that different texture, their visual interest within the grains and the fact that they also come with their own nutritional prowess.

Actually this dish is best made with left over grains and lentils as being cooled after cooking allows them to have more structural integrity when they go in the frying pan. Just wanted to put that out there becuase I just made what should be the most basic part of this dish, the base, sound very complex. It shouldn’t be, doesn’t have to be and isn’t with a little planning. All in all I just hope you enjoy this take on a fried rice!

Malin x

Nordic Style Fried Rice with Mushrooms and Kale

Serves 4


The rice:

3/4 cup brown rice, rinsed

1/8 cup black rice, rinsed

1/8 cup red quinoa (or sub any colour)

2 cups water

Pinch of salt

The lentils:

1/2 cup dry beluga lentils, rinsed

0,5 tsp vegetable stock powder

1 cup water

The cream cheese topping:

150 g vegan cream cheese

2 tbsp fresh chives, finely chopped

0,75 tsp garlic powder

Zest of 0,5 lemon

The extras:

350 g mixed mushrooms containing some type of chanterelle

2 tbsp vegan butter

Salt and black pepper, to taste

150 g cavolo nero, stems and leaves seperated

1 large shallot

2 tbsp soy sauce

0,5 tsp chili flakes

0,5 lemon, zest and juice

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