This is the first cocktail, or in this case mocktail, recipe I am sharing here on Good Eatings. You see I don’t really drink alcohol and for the longest time I would simply crack open a kombucha to cheers with my friends but the last year I’ve been enjoying making little drinks for myself to spice things up. I think we could all feel the need to spruce our life up a little this last year, am I right!?

Anywho, this mocktail is super fresh for spring with elderflower and lime. You can feel free to use either soda water for a cleaner taste or tonic water for a slightly more grown up bitter taste. I also like to add some angostura bitters to mine which technically makes this drink end up in the grey area between a mocktail and a cocktail because it does contain alcohol but it will taste good with or without. I like it because it has such a unique slightly spicy flavour that just lifts any drink. I even like to add a few dashes to my kombucha, try it! And try the drink the next time you want a fresh and fun mocktail to lavish in. Or by all means add a shot of gin to make it a full on cocktail.

Malin x

Elderflower and Lime Mocktail

Makes 1.


3-4 tbsp elderflower cordial

1,5 lime

2-3 dashes of angostura bitters, optional (does contain alcohol)

A rosemary sprig

A large handful of ice cubes

14 cl soda water, could be substituted by tonic water