It’s not the first time that I’ve gone missing from the blog and other social media, even though I wish I could say it was. After all I have made this connection to you and it’s something I value and when I disappear into the ether I’m not honoring that. However I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; sometimes life just happens and for one reason or another what you were doing you no longer have time for or suddenly doesn’t feel right. Either way I hope you noticed my absence and that you missed me, because I missed you guys. I missed sharing, being creative and chatting to you all and reading your thoughts in the comment field. However, I haven’t felt like I’ve been able to create the content and share the things that really matter for a while so my motivation and creative spark took a little detour. This, I think happened, because I was trying to post too many recipes here on the blog with elaborate photographs and all that jazz and ended up always feeling bad that I couldn’t quite keep to schedule with all the other things going on in my life.

The end of last year and the beginning half of this one was quite intense with finishing off my dietary advising and health coaching course and videography work together with Rob that took a lot of my time and attention. There’s also been a lot of travelling going on which has snatched my time and while it is a fabulous pass time, and I feel very lucky and privileged to be able to do it, it always throws me off a little and it takes time for me to get back into my regular swing upon home coming. Especially when it becomes more time away than home. Within all of this there wasn’t much time for creating, reflecting or sharing. It also made me feel very guilty not to keep up my sharing with you all and after a while it felt strange to just post my meals and other random things when I haven’t been in touch for so long. I felt and feel that I should explain a little bit where I’ve been and where I’m going (and would like to take you with of course).

This past summer I have been everywhere it feels like. In May I had my last course meeting outside Stockholm and then there was Berlin with my mother and Rob. Then we went to visit her in my hometown in June. Then July brought a visit from Rob’s parents and two friends followed by a trip to Poland for us all. Finally there was August and Rob and I travelled to South Africa to celebrate his grandmother’s 90th birthday as well as visit a game reserve (which were both awesome btw). In September there was a trip to sort out some things in London. In between all this there was some work. Since we’ve been back I’ve really set out to create some routine in my life and we’ve also picked up some new videography work here in Sweden. Having mentioned all these places and tasks, I think it’s more important to talk about where I’ve been in my head because I think that’s where most has happened.

I have had many thoughts about what my direction is and what I want present in my life. This has sometimes set me into a bit of a downward spiral in my mood and energy levels and sometimes it’s brought me great motivation. I’m still trying to balance these out and cultivate more stable and positive thought processes and more routines in my life in general. I’ve realised that routines are really helpful to me for staying on track and keeping spirits up. As I already hinted they bring me a lot of peace and a foundation to build from each day.

As I mentioned I’ve been reflecting a lot and for a while I wasn’t sure I necessarily wanted to blog and content create for social media and YouTube, and in extension make myself vulnerable online in that way. I’m also never sure about where the line between private and public is when creating for these channels. That’s something I’m still figuring out for myself. With that said I’ve come to the conclusion that this, being present here with you online, when I do it in a way that buy tramadol online aligns with my values and without too much pressure and stress, brings me so much joy and I think it does to many of you as well. So of course I’m going to carry on sharing in this space, on YouTube and on my instagram account. I just want it to be less strictly focused on recipe creation and food and open it up to more broadly talk about well being and sharing useful yet fun content.

Having finished my health coaching course I finally feel more confident in writing about broader topics. For the longest time I put a limit on myself and when it comes to what I have the authority to write about. I guess I still do, because I want to offer you well thought through material with research and/or some experienced wisdom behind it. Having studied the subject of health and coaching for lifestyle change makes me feel more passionate to write about it in a useful and helpful way to inspire others in their quest for greater well-being. This means you can expect more of a range of articles, posts and videos from me in the future. Of course I’ll still share my adventures in the kitchen and yummy recipes with you too! It is after all one of the loves of my life.

As touched upon I want to find balance between being organised and professional and being more relaxed and a little more personal. This is still a paradox in my mind at times but I think I’m starting to iron out those creases as I’m working on new material to share with you all. The through line I’m aiming for is that whatever I post will offer some insight, knowledge and be useful in some way. For you! That’s always been my aim I think, but I feel I’ve lost the thread sometimes when trying to post to a schedule which didn’t allow me enough time to create with greater depth. Which is actually exactly what I want to do; a proper job. Which leads me to something else that’s been on my mind.

For quite a few years now I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building this website and my social channels however I’ve never profited financially from it. It hasn’t bothered me as this wasn’t my intention when I started but the more I do this and the more time I spend on this work (and the older I get) it’s becoming more important. Therefore I’m thinking of ways I can create resources for you that you hopefully feel is worth spending your hard earned cash on. Right now I have a few ideas for e-books about plant based eating. I’m also working on a project with a friend I met at the coaching course, Eva, who is a fabulous yoga teacher and fellow health coach. We are planning to create a space where our skills can inform and inspire you guys. It will be like the bigger sister, with a supportive community focus, to this space right here. It’s early days for both of these ideas but I’m hoping you will want to support me in my future endeavours which will ultimately fuel me also in doing the free content I share on the blog and other social media.

Within all of this I’m also planning a refresh of this space (or a full on move to another site possibly), a possible name change (the jury’s still out on this one too) and a whole lot of fun material for you to enjoy soon. Please bear with me as I sort all of these changes out to be able to deliver better content and follow along on my instagram in the mean time. I’ll make sure you know when new things are sprouting and popping up in the world wide web.

I’m excited to make my presence known again and in that being able to connect with all of you fantastic readers and viewers – thanks a million for the support and positive energy you give and have given over the past years! I look forward to working on more varied, inspiring and helpful content and building this space up into the cosy home it can be for all of us to learn, discuss and share. Thank you for reading this long post and for sticking around while I’ve been on sabbatical. Lots of love to you all! x

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