Spend the day with me pretending it’s Sunday on a Tuesday. We go grocery shopping, enjoy yummy vegan food both at home and out and about and take a gorgeous walk in the park. It’s serene and slow and relaxing. At least we’d like to think so!

In the video and pictured below you can see the best breakfast I’ve had in a while. Toast with vegan garlic cream cheese topped with pan fried mushrooms and cavolo nero (dino kale). Mushroom season is in full swing and I love it! Here I mixed chestnut mushrooms with winter chanterelles. Similar to the fried recipe from this video. That was probably the best lunch I’ve had this autumn now that I think of it.

I’ve also developed a love of grapefruit as you can see as well. Rob and I share one many mornings since his parents were here staying with us. Thanks to them for introducing this little ritual with us. Do you like grapefruit? Is there some food or ritual that you enjoy at the moment?

Malin x