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I thought it was about time that I share a bit more about myself and specifically a bit more about my vegan journey. After all this is a blog celebrating a plant based vegan lifestyle and vegan food in particular. So why did I become vegan?

Well, let’s start a little bit earlier than the day I decided to be vegan because for me there was a process to realising the way I was living was not healthy; for me (physically, mentally and spiritually), the planet or for the animals exploited for my pleasure. As many of you know I grew up in Sweden where a meal is shaped after what meat is going to hit the plate more or less and I never really thought twice about my meat eating habits. Even when my sister became a vegetarian and showed me some candid films from slaughter houses, it didn’t seem to resonate with me in the way it has today. Not even when I, as a dance student, came in contact with a handful of vegetarian friends, did I make the effort of educating myself as to why they had chosen that path.

Only when I started having health issues did I start considering what I put on my plate and further what I actually put into my body. This seems to be a common experience and although I wish I had made the connection earlier I understand the way many take their food and its origins for granted without giving it much thought – it’s very easy. Especially since what we eat is ingrained culturally and has an important role in our social life and how we interact with people around us.


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A few years ago I developed an array of food intolerance’s following a very stressful and heart breaking period in my life and a harsh food poisoning from shell fish. This sparked my awareness in terms of food. I had always loved eating food and still today I find much pleasure in eating good food, but I had never really thought of the amount of dairy, meats and wheat I consumed on a daily basis. The day I got my intolerance test results I stopped eating many foods that were a huge part of my diet; those being mainly products containing dairy, eggs and gluten.

Prior to this I had met and found love in Rob who had been vegetarian for 10 years. Living with him I never ate any meats at home as we only cooked meals we both ate. At this stage I had also stopped eating red meat. There is no logical explanation to me stopping my red meat habits over my chicken and fish habits other than the fact that it felt right at the time.

So then I was at a stage when at home we were only cooking vegan food due to Rob’s vegetarianism and my food intolerances to dairy and eggs and this was when I really started getting interested in cooking vegan food and started researching what effect certain foods may have on our physical as well as mental health. The health factor was very important to me as the changes I was making were mainly a result of my indigestion issues and the fact that I was intolerant to certain foods. I started reading blog posts and googling recipes to figure out how I could heal the issues I had been having and feeding myself in this (to me) new way. I was also very frustrated with the health care system at this point and the fact that they could not offer any help other than prescribing drugs.

As my health improved I really started believing in the power of nutrition and our relationship to food as a healing mechanism. The more I read about foods free from animals and products derived from them, in addition to cooking more vegan food myself; the more I started questioning my ‘need’ for eating animals at all and so in June 2014 I stopped eating any type of meat or other animal stuffs.

Many factors contributed to me embracing a vegan lifestyle; firstly the fact that I was living with a devote vegetarian who was happy to go vegan at home as we cooked foods we could both eat and the fact that I saw great health impacts in myself eating this way. However today I see myself equally as being vegan for ethical reasons after learning more about the industries in which animals are raised for human pleasure. The first documentary I saw touching on this subject was Cowspiracy and even though I had seen images of animals being treated awfully in the past they really struck a cord with me at this point in my life. Probably because I had started making the connection to the fact that meat is dead animals, and if I love animals – which of course I do and I think many people would say about themselves too, then how could this be right?!
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I think of this period in my life as an awakening really. As the time where I took in a lot of information and really opened my eyes to what was actually happening in the world we all share. Having read many articles and blog posts since (not many books yet but I’m working on this) as well as seen various documentaries and YouTube videos, I am now a devoted vegan and would never consider regressing back to my old ways, for me being vegan is a life long commitment. A cruelty free commitment filled with compassion, with yummy food that is good for me, the animals and the planet and of

This is the first post in a new series I’m planning for here on the blog committed to sharing my experiences with and reasons for living a vegan lifestyle. I hope it will provide a more relatable aspect to this blog and my relationship to you guys. I’m also hoping that I can provide some information, tips and tricks as I go along so if there are any vegan topics you’d like me to talk about here let me know.

In the next post I’d like to highlight why I’m vegan by listing four reasons that are important to me and in my opinion for our whole planet and each and everyone of us living on it; humans and animals alike. Stay tuned!

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