Have you guys been to woods? Have you searched for those little nuggets of gold called chanterelles this late summer? Rob and I were lucky enough to inherit our friend Agata’s chanterelle spot in the forest not far from where we live. And when I say lucky I mean lucky with a capital L because in Sweden people are not generous with their secret chanterelle spots. Like not at all. You can come with a Swede most places but not to their chanterelle spot. Luckily Agata hails from Poland originally and doesn’t seem to have this trait. She’s in general the most generous in sharing her knowledge about wild plants and herbs with us and we are her keen students.

As a child my mother used to take me to the forest to look for chanterelles. Unfortunately back then I didn’t take to the woods and it’s sharp branches and mosquitoes. I never developed a keen sense of mushroom hunting, city kid I was at heart. Nowadays I’m trying to right my errors and learn and look and enjoy the silence when I’m out there. I’m still scared of being on my own among the trees though, sadly, but I’m working on trusting that I am safe. Which of course I am, I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the time, it’s just some glitch in my brain and the solitude that makes me a little uncomfortable I think.

Anyhow this summer we’ve been picking chanterelles twice in our new found magical spot and with them I’ve been making this chanterelle spaghetti with miso paste. It’s delicious. Because anything with chanterelles is delicious! If you haven’t gotten your paws on any yet in your life there’s no time like the present! Your taste buds will thank you and you might just think you died and went to heaven. Okay, now I’m possibly exaggerating a little but they are good, okay!?

This pasta dish is super simple but effective and just general yumminess on a plate. The light miso paste adds a lovely light umami flavour to the whole thing and goes very well with the shrooms. It’ll take you no time as well which is exactly what you want after you’ve been hiking around in the woods (or the aisles at the supermarket/market).

Enjoy my friends and lots of love and light! x


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YIELDS: 2-4 servings /  TIME:  30 MIN

250 g spaghetti, gluten free if desired
2 schallots, finely chopped
1 large garlic clove, minced
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cups chanterelles, in roughly equal sized pieces
1 1/2 tbsp light miso paste
2 tbsp plant milk
Large handful of fresh parsley, chopped
Sea salt and black pepper, to taste

Prepare your spaghetti according to the instructions on its packaging. Reserve two tablespoons of the starchy spaghetti water before draining.

Place a skillet over medium heat and once it’s hot saute your shallot for about 3-4 minutes or until it’s translucent. Add your minced garlic and saute another minute or until fragrant.

Add your chanterelles to the pan and raise the temperature to medium high. Sprinkle with a little black pepper and fry until slightly golden brown and glistening, this will take up to 3-6 minutes.

Now dissolve your miso paste in the plant milk of your choice as well as the starchy spaghetti water and add to the pan with the mushrooms. Let it cook for about one minute or until what is now in your pan is uniform and well combined.

Toss your spaghetti in the pan with the mushrooms and then sprinkle the parsley over the top before mixing it in gently.

Serve with some nutritional yeast or vegan parmesan if you wish.