Hello Everyone,

It’s about time that it got a bit festive here on the blog and to kick all that off I’m here to share this Christmas diy for a festive home; or actually it’s three diys. I love working with my hands and crafting things so I thought why not share some things that I’m doing for my home this year? Check out the video to follow along and get creative with me as I make my very own Christmas wreath, some decorative candle set ups and some oranges that will make your house smell amazing.

I will say no more and let my video and images speak for themselves because I’m off to celebrate four whole years with my Rob. The sun has even come out to celebrate with us! I’m wishing you all a lovely Wednesday and I hope you’ll get crafty and bring some holiday cheer to your home, or why not a friend’s? Enjoy! x

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YIELDS: 1 Wreath  /  TIME: 40 min

Straw base circle
Pine or other sturdy greenery
Optional decorations: pine cones, other green leaves, moss, berries or other decorations on a metal wire
Metal wire

For full visual instruction see video.

Attach a piece of twine to the straw base as a hanging device. I braided three pieces of twine to make mine and tied it around the straw base before twisting some wire on the other side to fix the hanging twine.

Attach the pine to the straw base using the twine. Make sure to over lap the pine so that the twine is hidden. Only cover the front and sides.

Add your decorations using the twine and/or wire. Be creative!


YIELDS: 1 or more  /  TIME: 5 min / piece

Block candles/Tall candles/Tea lights
Block candle base or deeper dish/Empty beer or wine bottles/small glasses or glass tea light holders
Decorational pieces of pine and/or moss
Decorational pieces on metal wire

See video for various ideas.

Block candles: If using a deeper dish place moss and pine along with some pine cones to frame the candle. Add some decorations on a metal wire to the moss. If using a block candle base/small plate simply use the twine to tie one ore more pieces of pine to the candle.

Tall  candles: Place some pieces of pine close to the mouth of an empty bottle and tie a bow around it using twine. Attach some decorations a metal wire to the twine if desired.

Tea lights: I used some red sequins at the bottom of a small glass before placing a tea light inside. Then I added some small pieces of pine on one side.


YIELDS: 1 or more  /  TIME: 5 min / piece

Generous amount of whole cloves
Twine or a bowl

See video for various ideas.

Simply pierce the skin of the orange with the whole cloves to attach them.

Tie some twine or traditional red ribbon around the orange to create a hanging ornament or place the oranges in a bowl.

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