Savoury Cheesecake for Swedish Midsummer | Skagencheesecake

Midsummer's eve is just around the corner and as a Swede this is probably my favourite holiday after Christmas. So, to share the love and celebrate together I'd like to present to you this decadent and delicious recipe for Swedish savoury cheesecake.

6 Steps to Delicious and Satisfying Salads

In this video I go through the 6 steps I use to make delicious and satisfying salads every time. I've met lots of people that find salads kind of boring and bland and that's what I hope to change with sharing this.

Strawberry Summer Salad with Quinoa and Beluga Lentils

Summer is for salads! And this one has got the most treasured summer ingredient in our household, at least so far, strawberries. I am always so excited when

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Spring Time What I Eat in a Day

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Fresh 20 Minute Meals for Spring

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Creamy Lemon and Asparagus Pasta

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner and that means asparagus season! Let's celebrate by making some deliciously creamy lemon pasta topped with

London Vegan Food Guide + Video

It was almost three years since we went back to London and it was a joy to return. Rob and I used to live there as many of you know and have been spending time with his family there every year since until the pandemic hit of course. While this time was a...