One thing that Rob and I have been wanting to do for years is getting our hands on a portable stove and taking it out to cook smack in the middle of nature. This week we finally made this little outdoor cooking dream come true and we of course wanted to take you with us as we used it for the first time!

We did some research on what kitchen would be the best option and decided to go for a Swedish made Trangia 25-4 UL kitchen. It is super light weight, packs up really neatly and is big enough to serve about 3-4 people. It came with two pots and a non-stick frying pan that shared a handle that was very cleverly designed to be put on and taken off easily. It also has a little kettle for coffee or tea brewing which definitely came handy as we braved the February weather for our first excursion. Are we crazy? Yes, a little bit maybe I think the answer is to that.

Of course we also wanted to really put the kitchen to the test so we decided to do a two course meal. Yes, crazy applies here too. We looked into what could be suitable to cook outdoors and many recommended pasta, noodles, soups, dal and risotto or other grain based dishes. Risotto sounded good to us as we often make mushroom risotto at home and we didn’t want to simply boil noodles for our first spin so we decided that risotto was to be our first outdoor cooking dish. For dessert we went for crepes with fried cinnamon apples. We prepared the crepes batter at home and packed all our stuff and off we went.

The rest of it is all in the video along with some lovely and soothing imagery of nature. It really was very special cooking outdoors, just as we though, and we look forward to many more adventures with our little portable kitchen. Until then here is the risotto recipe in case you want to try it in your cooker!

Malin x

Camper’s Mushroom Risotto

Serves 2.


25 g dried porcini or mixed mushrooms

2,5 cups water

10 chestnut mushrooms

2 small shallots

2 garlic cloves

2 tbsp olive oil

0,65 cup risotto rice*

1 mushroom or vegetable stock cube

Salt, to taste