Today I posted this video compiling three recipes for Swedish Christmas classics made vegan and here you’ll find the recipe for lussekatter i.e. vegan saffron buns. This fluffy and comforting treat is something we usually eat here in Sweden on the 13th of December. On that day we celebrate Lucia which marks the start of the Christmas festivities. The word Lucia comes from the latin word lux which means light. That is exactly what we celebrate on that cold and dark December day while we eat lots of lussekatter and drink glögg which is Swedish for mulled wine.

My lussekatter or saffron buns are of course completely plant based and as with most of traditional recipes this means I have changed out some ingredients for others. Instead of dairy milk I have used Aito organic oat drink and to reply the egg wash I have simply brushed my buns with Aito oat for whipping. These exchanges make a world of difference for the animals and for sustainability purposes but does not affect the flavour. The flavour and texture stays beautifully saffrony, fluffy and moist.

Unfortunately I personally suffer from gluten intolerance and can only eat a little piece of this beautiful yellow buns as a main ingredient in making these buns. So for those of you who are coeliac or intolerant like myself this recipe will not be suitable for you. Aito’s organic oat drink is also not gluten free but most of their other products are like the ones I’ve used for my other recipes in the video. Hopefully you’ll want to try out these salted chocolate truffles or this delicious Christmas potato gratin instead if you cannot dive into baking these buns.

Malin x


Post in collaboration with Aito.


Makes 16 buns,


A handful of raisins (to be precise you will need 32)

1 grams of saffron, I used ground but strands are usually better quality

5 tbsp water

25 grams fresh yeast

1 cup oat drink

0,4 cup rapeseed/canola oil

0,4 cup cane sugar

A pinch of salt

3 cups all purpose wheat flour + extra for dusting

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