Of course I will start by listing cookbooks and yes, cookbooks are great gifts for foodies indeed. But! They are also great for new vegans and others who need a little bit of inspiration in the kitchen to get them up and running with their, maybe new, vegan lifestyle. Pictured above are two books I have and love as well as two that are on the top of my wish list and I think they’ll all make a very good gift, although maybe not to the same person. Below I will list their names, where you can get a hold of them and who they’re suitable for.

1. The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples by Miyoko Schinner

This book is pretty phenomenal, it will get you making everything from scratch and filling your kitchen completely with natural products that you know exactly where they came from; simply because you bought the ingredients and made them. This book is perfect for new vegans and veterans alike as long as they are interested in making their own staples and be the queen/king of their kitchen.

Find it HERE.


2. Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking by Kittee Berns

This book is high on my wish list, and Rob’s too, as we both got a slight addiction to this yummy cuisine at market stalls in London. We’ve since seaked out Ethiopian far in many other places on our travels. It is a cuisine using great vegan staples and could therefore be good for new cooks, especially those new to vegan cooking. It is also a rather inexpensive way of cooking usually making it perfect for anyone in need of pinching their pennies for a while. Lastly it’s perfect for those who enjoy new food experiences or need to renew their repertoire.

Find it HERE.


3. At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Well by Amy Chaplin

Your foodie friend probably already have this book because it’s been a hot topic this year and for good reason I might add, it is simply beautiful! Both the book itself and it’s contents. It has a great introduction where you’ll learn everything about cooking satisfying and tasty meals from scratch using whole food ingredients which I think most people can find useful and beneficial. And on top of that there are heaps of inspired vegan recipes in their for all occasions, although some are not completely vegan. The dessert section is all vegan however and it’s off the hook!

Find it HERE.


4. Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook by Richa Hingle

Another book I would love to hold my hands is Richa’s and reading the reviews for this book I know that everyone with a love for Indian food will enjoy this book. Again I think this book is suitable for pretty much everyone, as long as they like Indian flavours.

Find it HERE.

I always enjoy receiving gifts that I can pamper my body with and if you are part of a family that give smaller gifts in stockings then these types of gifts can be great as some are smaller in size as well as price, the lip balms pictured above for example. It is also an opportunity to spoil a loved one with that product they’ve been pining for but is really a little out of reach in the day to day budget. You could also take this gift giving opportunity to introduce your friends to more natural and crueltu free products they might end up loving for life, just make sure you do first so that there’s no disappointment.

1. Geranium and Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream by Pai

The first time I tried this product I really loved it and it just brought my skin back from worn and dull to silky smooth within just a few days. Usually I use coconut oil to moisturise, which in itself could be a nice gift if you get a good quality oil packaged nicely. But once in a while I treat myself to a moisturiser and this one is always the one I want. Check out their whole range though if you’re into skin care products, it’s all certified vegan and organic.

Find it HERE.


2. Body Brush by Hydrea London

This year I started dry brushing my skin and it’s something I’ve come to really enjoy and would recommend to my family and friends. As you’ve probably gathered by now I like to introduce people to new ideas in my gift giving so this could be one of those things that people might not know they want but will enjoy when they have it.  Just a couple of benefits are increased circulation and stimulates the lymhatic system.

Find it HERE.


3. Organic Green Tea Castile Liquid Soap by Dr. Bronner

This soap works for everything; washing your body, cleaning and you can even brush your teeth with it. Okay, I haven’t gone as far as brushing my teeth with this guy but it is my trusted friend in the shower. It’s dilluted with water so it lasts a very long time and a tip is to mix it with a little almond oil in your mixing vessel so maybe it would be nice to combine the two into a skin loving gift.

Find it HERE.


4. Organic raw lip balm by Hurraw

These lip balms are great little treats for a friend or to put in a Christmas stocking. My personal favourite is the Earl Grey flavour, I love the smell. It’s very natural in conjunction with being vegan which I think isn’t all that easy to find when it comes to lip balms so thumbs up to Hurraw.

Find it HERE.

I completely believe in gifts that are useful to the receiver and food is always a welcome gift. If you don’t make your own food gifts or need to fill out a nice box or hamper with some yummies that will bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces then I’ve listed four items that would do just that. Hampers might be getting a little too vintage for some or they are usually pre-packed in the shp and rather uninspired but I believe in the hamper – the hamper can be a big bundle of love if you choose exactly the things you think the receiver will enjoy. A nice idea could also be to add a cookbook to the hamper and match the ingredients with a recipe or the theme of the book.

1. Engevita Nutritional Yeast by Marigold Health Foods

Since being introduced to them these little flakes of vegan cheesy goodness completely changed the way I eat. If you know a new vegan or someone giving up dairy you will do them such a big favour by introducing them to nutritional yeast. Also this product comes in a version fortified with B12 which is another thing important for new vegans to pay attention to so there you have two gifts in one!

Find it HERE.


2. Nut Butters by Pip and Nut

Pip and nut’s butters have been on the lips of pretty much all of the London food bloggers this year and I must admit that I haven’t tried it myself but would love to and therefore think it would be a great gift. And everyone’s been raving about it so don’t worry it’s a safe bet! In general I think nut butters are a nice gift, they’re a little decadent and usually a little expensive if you’re getting good quality. A perfect gift for a nut loving friend and if you make you’re own – even better! Just wrap it up nicely and you’re all set.

Find it HERE.


3. Tiger Nuts by The Tiger Nut Company

Ever since I tried tiger nut milk at Well and Happy’s pop-up cafe at Celestine Eleven in my old neighbourhood in London I’ve been in love with the flavour of these tubers. They come in a flour as well as whole or peeled ‘nuts’. The whole nuts are perfect for making mylk but I’m excited to try the flour in the new year.

Find it HERE.


4. Chocolate Truffles by Booja Booja

I have received these truffles as a gift on numerous times and they always make me equally happy. The hazelnut ones as well as the espresso flavoured truffles are my all time favourites but the given holiday gift would probably be the champagne truffles.

Find it HERE.

I must admit that ethical vegan fashion shopping has had me pulling out tufts of hair in a mad frustration this year but I refuse to give up. Here I’m sharing four items I think are worthy of wrapping and placing under the tree for someone you love! They probably reflect my own persoanl taste quite a bit but even if these specific items don’t tickle your fancy you can always check out the companies listed as they will have varying styles on offer of course and they’ll all be vegan and produced with care. I’ll also list a couple of other brands I keep an eye on below!

1. Derbys Dark Brown by Wills London

These men’s shoes would look great on Rob, and if it’s good enough for my Rob I hope it would be for your love too. I think Will’s make some pretty good looking shoes in general, both for women and men, and it’s an all vegan brand.

Find it HERE.


2. Gathered Waist Dress by FC UK Made

Like a lot of vegan fashion shopping out there I think the website I found this dress on leaves a lot to be desired but I do enjoy the fact that I don’t have to necessarily worry about reading descriptions etc to know that it’s vegan and has been produced ethically. The dress itself is however pretty perfect in my opinion and is on my wish list this year!

Find it HERE.


3. Gobi 2 Boot by Vegetarian Shoes

I’ve been trying on Vegetarian Shoes’ Chelsea boots about a million times but they simply don’t fit my feet (to be fair I do have feet that are rather different in size). Now I have my eyes on the ones pictured bove instead and they’d be perfect for winter. Vegetarian Shoes is more or less an institution for vegans at this point and definitely worth a look if you’re looking to gift someone with new shoes.

Find it HERE.


4. Raylan Med Diaper Bag by Matt and Nat

If you want to treat someone to a luxurious gift than I’d recommend Matt and Nat’s bags and accessories. They’re completely vegan and completely understand what is required from a customer in today’s shopping sphere. I might not be the one for buying more things than you need but I still want to feel like I’m in the 21st centure when I shop and Matt and Nat are my favourite vegan brand with a conscience for shopping. This bag pictured above might be a diaper bag but I think it would be pretty ideal for baby-less people too.

Find it HERE.


Other brands I keep an eye on: Good Guys Don’t Wear LeatherThe People Tree

I have not been endorsed by any of the above brands and all opinions stated are my own.

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