Raw food eateries have become really popular in London but there are still only a few well known places out there, I visited one of them and fell a little bit in love. Nama artisan raw foods is based in Notting Hill and has a menu full, and I mean full of good stuff – it definitely has something for everyone. Enjoy this photo bomb of a post and soak up those raw food colours.

As already mentioned Nama has a fun filled super food packed menu. I’m pretty sure anyone can find a favourite here! For breakfast you can choose between dishes like pancakes, porridge or a savoury crepe. The lunch and dinner menu include things like kale salad, seaweed salad, falafel wrap, thai coconut curry, pizza, sushi, chilli, and the list goes on. Most of the dishes, as you can probably tell, are a spin of different cultures’ cuisine staples and I think it’s refreshing to get a new take on the classics. It also makes it easy for those who are new to raw food to get somewhat of an idea of what they’re getting when ordering. The staff is also fantastic and will happily give advice and recommendations. I found they also have great knowledge of the dishes and will fill you in on what’s in each dish.

On my visit I tried the pancakes to start and then went on to the lunch menu, I spent a few hours there to make sure I could try as many things as possible (haha). The pancakes reminded me of gingerbread cookie dough which I used to love as a child so they were definitely hit the spot. They are served with banana ice cream and a few berries which are great additions to the more dense pancakes. Moving onto lunch Rob and I shared the cheese platter which both of us could die for, the Thai coconut curry and the kale salad. That cheese platter really got in the spotlight of our meal with three different flavoured nut/seed cheeses. My favourite was the chilli one. The whole thing was completed with crackers, olives, figs and caperberries. Not to forget the other dishes the curry with cauliflower rice was very creatively made and had lots of flavour and a beautiful yellow colour. And as far as kale salads go Namas is delicious, the best part id probably that the kale is shredded really finely and then combined with sundried tomatoes, sesame and sunflower seeds. Rob and I both really enjoyed the food and couldn’t recommend it more, I would say it is more of a lunchy restaurant though with its bright and minimal design but in the summer I wouldn’t say no to a raw food dinner at the table on the sidewalk. I tried various sexual enhancers, including Cialis. This medication has certainly proved its worth. Many men say that it works approximately the same as Viagra does. My experience with it shows the same. However, its effect lasts much longer, usually up to 36 hours, which is a very long time, while the effect of the other drugs never lasted more than 4-6 hours.

In terms of drinks there is lots to choose from and it wouldn’t be a raw food hot spot without a load of juices and smoothies on the menu. There’s also coffee, tea and for that summer evening on the curb there’s even wine and beer. On my visit I tried the mango lassi smoothie and the green dream juice. Both delicious but the food really stole the show. If you are looking for a healthy pick me up in the Notting Hill area though this is a great place to grab a juice or smoothie as they are already bottled and kept in the fridge ready to grab and go. You can also grab one of the many desserts and bars from the fridge to take home as well which is really convenient. In terms of dessert I would really recommend the fermented blueberry cheesecake. Rob and I shared the assorted dessert platter but couldn’t resist the temptation of this incredible looking cheesecake and I’m glad we didn’t because if I had to choose again I would have stuck with the cheesecake no doubt.

The vibe at Nama is warm and friendly. There are lots of people walking in and out and some dogs too which always puts a smile on my face. I sincerely recommend this restaurant and I’d say it’s worth a trip even if you are not in the immediate area. Now before I leave you to plan your visit I’d like you to meet the owners of Nama, Irene and Richard, and see what they have to say about the place they’ve created and the food they love!.

What inspired you guys to engage in a raw food lifestyle?
Irene: My interest in raw food began through searching for better health and more energy. Now I dedicate my life to helping others find the same! Prior to Nama I had already started two other raw food ventures – offering juice cleanse programmes and sweet treats, both of which are now part of Nama. When I’m not at the restaurant, I remain dedicated to the raw food lifestyle, spending my days working in the kitchen, developing exciting new recipes.
Rich: I have always had a passion for food and nutrition, and I’m a firm believer in the value of a healthy diet for body, mind, and spirit. Previously I worked as raw food chef at Down To Earth in Kensington, before I realised my dream was to offer these health benefits to others. Now I am Head Chef at Nama and I’m also currently enrolled on the prestigious Matthew Kenney Cuisine Academy, focussing on the fundamentals of raw food and the art of preparation.

How did Nama come into being?

We are both chefs and plant-based food enthusiasts and we opened Nama with the sole aim of spreading our knowledge of and passion for raw food to a wider audience.

Why raw?

Leading a raw food lifestyle has incredible benefits for your health, body and mind. Consuming food in its natural raw form allows you to really reap the nutritional rewards that foods offer and are truly required for a healthy body. We find leading a raw food lifestyle also promotes higher energy levels as the body has ingested genuine raw nutrients – for example, that heavy bloated feeling we have all experienced after a big meal does not exist after any raw meal, no matter how big it is.

Find out more about Nama artisan raw foods here.