One day I was out of ideas for lunch places in the busy area around Oxford Street when a lovely hairdressers recommended Ethos to me. A fairly new vegetarian place on Eastcastle Street, close to Oxford Circus tube stop, with the slogan “deliciously different”. This place serves food inspired by various places around the globe in a buffet “weigh and pay” style. Meaning you can choose exactly what you want and pay for just that, and the best part – there are plenty of vegan and gluten free options!

What struck me when I first walked into Ethos was the lovely design of the restaurant. It is like a forest restaurant with birch trees exposed to create nooks and corners in the spacious room. There are booths, round tables with cushioned curved benches, ‘plain’ tables and chairs as well as a bar by the window giving you plenty of choice in terms of privacy and comfort.

The food itself is organised on three tables they call ‘pods’ where one has cold food, one hot and one is filled with dessert. Unfortunately the dessert table has little to offer someone who is completely vegan and gluten free. Yet… The two other pods however have lovely options with lots of flavour!

My favorite dishes are the Eritrean mango salad as well as the Japanese miso-roasted aubergine. Other dishes on offer when I was there were a puy lentil and kohlrabi ribbon salad, a lebanese green bean in cherry tomato sauce dish called loubieh, marinated olives, quinoa with beetroot, herbed potatoes, smashed avocado and kimchi. These were the specifically vegan and gluten free options but there were plenty more for simply vegan and vegetarian diets. This is a perk when you’re going out with people of a different persuasion as there’s something for everyone!

My only minus would be that the food is not organic but otherwise this place ticks all my boxes. I love the flavoursome food and the fact that I can mix whatever I want on my plate. I also really like the clean yet cosy decor with many seating options making it the perfect pit-stop or weekend hangout. Ethos has made a great first impression on me and I hope you’ll give it a chance to give you one too!

Find more info at Ethos Foods