I made these crackers on my first catering occasion a few weeks ago and people really liked them so here comes a recipe! It’s two in one because there are two flavours; seaweed/pumpkin seed and sundried tomato/basil. And it’s times two because there’s instructions for dehydrating these crackers as well as baking them in the oven so you can choose between raw or not raw. The crackers are filled with seeds and packed with flavour from the individual ingredients, and really you can get creative with adding flavours like herbs, nutritional yeast, olives and the list grows longer!

The base for these crackers is linseed or flaxseed as they’re also called. I mixed golden and brown linseed but both are as good and whatever you can get your hands on will work! These seeds are very rich in omega-3 and as this recipe includes them whole make sure to chew properly as broken flax seeds release more of these fantastic fatty acids. Linseeds are also great for keeping your gut happy. The ‘slime’ that the seeds produce when immersed with water is protective and soothing for your tummy so everyone with for example IBS can benefit from eating these seeds.

Both flavours in this recipe contain various other seeds. Pumpkin seeds are high in protein which is super important to be aware of as a vegan as well as being rich in various B-complex vitamins, another important thing which is usually added through pills but we all know food is better. Sesame seeds are rich in various minerals, especially manganese and copper. They also contain a good amount of lignans which linseed is super rich inn as well. Lignans are fiber-related and provide specific fiber and antioxidants to improve our diet. Lignans have for example a good impact on lowering cholesterol levels.

Last but not least I’d like to talk about seaweed. In this recipe I use nori which is the seaweed used in maki sushi rolls. Seaweed contains much iodine naturally which is great for example keeping your thyroid healthy. It has so many other health benefits and I’ll list them briefly; high in mineral buy sildenafil online especialy calcium (more than any other plant), high in protein, anti-viral/-infection/-inflammation properties as well as offering polysaccharides which can prevent for example type two diabetes, improve liver function, stabalise blood sugar and last but not least release ‘happy’ brain chemicals. Seaweed should really be incorporated more often in Western diet!

Makes 4-5 baking/dehydrating trays.

Active cooking time 20 min, total cooking time 4h 20 min/11h-14h 20 min.

Requires oven or dehydrator.


3 cups whole linseed
½ cup sesame seeds
2 tbsp psyllium husk/fiber husk (should not be left out as it’s a binder)


For nori flavour add:

2 nori sheets
½ cup pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp tamari/liquid aminos


For sundried tomato flavour add:

½ cup sunflower seeds
¼ cup sundried tomato paste ~(or sundried tomatoes processed into paste)
2 tbsp dried basil

Preheat oven to 100 degrees celsius/prepare to use dehydrator at 113 degrees fahrenheit.

Line baking trays with baking paper.

Place linseeds in large bowl on cover with water, about ½ inch past the surface of seeds.

Place powdered psyllium husk in about one cup of water and stir.

Rip nori sheets into small pieces.

after 1-2 hours split linseeds and psyllium into two bowls and combine.

Add half of sesame seeds to each bowl.

Add ingredients for each flavour into the separate bowls.

Mix each mixture until completely combined.

Split each mixture in half and place on baking sheets.

Flatten the mixture with your hands until it’s about ½ cm high.

Bake in oven for 2,5 hours – flipping it over and removing the baking sheet after 1,5 hours /

Dehydrate nori flavour for 11 hour / sundried tomato for 14 hours – flipping them over after 4 hours and removing baking sheet.

Enjoy as a side to soups and salads and top with houmous, cashew cheese and veggies!

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