While brown food does not get the most cred on the vegan corner of the internet I hope this recipe will even this out a bit! It is a vegan paté made from mushrooms and walnuts as well as leek and shallots and some seasoning to bring it all together. It is very simple and very delicious if I may say so myself.

All the ingredients are sautéed until they are very soft and then pulsed together with toasted walnuts in a food processor. This makes for a delicious smooth pate if you whizz it for a longer while or a chunkier delight if you just pulse it a few times. Either way you choose to prepare the paté it will make a delicious starter, party food or why not canapé for your new year’s party!?

Serve it family style in a small dish with crackers to dip or a spoon to dollop it onto thin slivers of toasted bread. Or you could serve it as bite sized canapés if you dollop a teaspoon of the paté onto your crackers and serve them on a lovely tray or wooden board. And! It makes a delicious spread for your morning toast the day after. If you have any leftovers that is!

Malin x

Mushroom and Walnut Paté

Makes roughly 1 cup.


75 g / 2 shallots

75 g / 0,5 slim leek

50 g / tbsp vegan butter

1 sprig fresh rosemary + more for garnish

250 g chestnut mushrooms

40 g / 0,3 cup toasted walnuts

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

0,5 tsp balsamic vinegar

Salt, to taste

Serve with: