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First of all welcome! I’m Malin the writer and creative on this blog all about whole vegan good stuff. Hailing from Sweden, where I currently reside with my partner Rob, I have a love of red houses with white trim, that soft evening light and plain simplicity. Whilst all those things are true I’m also an avid lover of exploring the planet and my list of places to visit grows longer each day.


Rob and I find peace in a little village in the South of Sweden where we are currently making a home for ourselves. Recently we lived in London however where we enjoyed ,and then got sick of, the hustle and bustle. I moved to the rainy capital city as I was pursuing my dreams of becoming a professional dancer but following an injury, and after many tears and fears, I refocused my energy to the one thing I’ve always loved; food.


But it wasn’t just any food, it was food that makes me feel good and does the least harm to our planet and all the living creatures inhabiting it. And that’s how I got here!


Three posts if you want to learn more:

The Blog and Food – the good stuff


The blog was born out of me wanting to share all the things I found being new to a vegan diet. After a year or so of suffering from various food intolerances, and becoming increasingly aware of issues concerning the meat and dairy industry, it was with great joy that I started experimenting in the kitchen with things that made me feel good again and that brought the least harm to others.


Ultimately all the recipes I create for this blog are based on my lifestyle and diet. They are wholesome, plant based, vegan and mainly gluten free recipes made with a lot of love. My philosophy is to create balance and include many colours, textures and flavours into my everyday life, and I found that food is a big part of this. I believe that way I can find the nutritients I need to be a healthy, energised and happy person.


Another note which is not necessarily obvious in each post is that most of the food you see here is organically grown and non-GMO. I strive for my food to be natural and free from chemicals. In addition I am learning about seasonality every day and really think this way of eating is the way forward.

On a side note, I just want to mention that if you are considering becoming a vegan or are one already and have not read into vitamin B12, please do so. This is something I supplement everyday to complete my diet.


Today I don’t just share recipes in this space but include posts about my travel shenanigans with a bunch of recommendations and photos to keep it interesting. You can also find my link love series for inspiration and all my favourites here.

The Photographs – transporter of the good stuff


I take all the photographs on this blog myself except for a handful that have been contributed by Rob. Most of Rob’s contributions are taken when my hands are messy and Rob doesn’t want me to touch the camera.


The cameras I use today are a Sony a7S and a SONY a7R II. Rob is a lense hoarder so I mix things up but one of my trusted friends is a SONY FE 55mm f/1.8. For editing my photos I use Adobe’s Lighroom and I would recommend VSCO film for finding a look that suits you, especially if you are new to editing.


Regarding re-using images and giving credits:

I’m delighted that you want to share my recipes and use my photos but please only use one photo at the time and make sure to give credit where it is due.

I appreciate you and your cooperation on this!


Thank you for taking the time to visit, it’s a pleasure being able to share with you. If you want to share back with me please give me a shout here or leave me a comment on any of my posts, I love getting letters and always look forward to hearing your feedback. And just to let you know that when I’m not here I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube – come see me.

Collaborations and Sponsorships – sharing the good stuff

There’s always room for coming together and creating things even greater here on Good Eatings. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post on Good Eatings or would like to collaborate on some other project be it recipe development, photography or events I’d love to hear from you, please get in touch here.