A Joyful Week in the Kitchen with Årstiderna Recipe Box

This post is a paid collaboration with Årstiderna.

Today I have got a slightly different (and fun) post for you! You see, I’ve been trying out a vegan and gluten free recipe box from Årstiderna this week. The lovely wooden crate filled with organic plant based goodness was delivered straight to my door along with recipes for four meals that I’ve been eating for dinner Monday through to Thursday. I probably sound ancient talking about this as it is some kind of heavenly revelation as many people already uses this type of service but it was new to me and such a joy!

First of all it was so much fun to get a delivery to my door that wasn’t a bill! then it was like Christmas opening it up and checking out the goodies inside. And it was such a beautiful and varied array of organic produce, grains, legumes and nuts that I picked out of the box. I was very happy to see all the seasonal vegetables and couldn’t wait to reach the recipe sheet at the bottom.

My box contained a sheet with four recipes including side salads as well as a bonus stone fruit dessert recipe. For someone who buys a bunch of cookbooks but virtually never seem to cook from any of them this was such a welcome concept. Someone else had chosen the recipes for me, put the ingredients together and brought it all to my home. It couldn’t get much more straight forward than this and it really was so nice and refreshing to try some new recipes. Following the simple instructions felt very calming and it was also a good feeling to know that i have exactly what i need to make these meals, no more – no less.

As I was making the meals I thought that this would be perfect for someone who wants to eat more home cooked meals or simply learn to cook for themselves. It would also lend itself really well to someone who is a new vegan or new to eating gluten free. The meals are well balanced, both in flavour and ingredients, and they find inspiration from all corners of the world. This is a great way to learn how to compose a good meal as well as find some favourites to keep in your cooking arsenal for years to come. Also if you’re someone who’s found yourself in a rut in the kitchen then this is such a brilliant concept.

All of Årstiderna’s boxes are centred around seasonal vegetables and they have two boxes each week suitable for vegans. One with recipes that contain products with gluten and one free from gluten. Apart from that they stock various plant based foods that are great for breakfast, snacks and in your every day cooking.

Everything that comes in a recipe box from Årstiderna is organically grown and none of it has been transported by plane thanks to their no-fly policy. They are also carbon neutral since 2020 and consistently working towards lowering their footprint. This is a company right up my alley and it has been a pleasure to try their service and have this opportunity to share my thoughts on my experience with you!

If you live in Sweden or Denmark and would like to try a box from Årstiderna yourself please use my discount code GOODEATINGS at checkout to receive 20% off the start of a new subscription. You can sign up for a weekly, bi-weekly and even once-a-monthly subscriptions so it is very flexible and you can change or cancel your order any time. I really do enjoy this concept and hope you will too!

Malin x