Californian tea company Buddha Teas offered me to try two of their organic teas so that I could share my thoughts with you and I thought why not. Or rather ‘oh yeah!’ as I’ve become quite the tea connoisseur since moving to England. In all honesty I love tea so I was delighted when a box of Oolong as well as a box of a green Genmaicha tea landed on my stoop.

The teas come in rather good looking boxes in which you find bags of tea wrapped in black paper. The tea bags themselves are made of unbleached paper, which is both good for me and for the environment so already has this product gained points with me. And it’s all organic too, another point.

There are 18 of those unbleached bags of tea in each box which will cost you $11.99 (right now $9.99) as they are on sale. That makes the original price about £7.85 and discounted £6.50, which to me is rather expensive in tea terms. The flavour and my knowledge that this product is organically produced justifies this to some extent and I’d definitely buy it again as a treat to myself.

The Oolong tea, a Chinese semi fermented tea with a medium level of caffeine, was strong and nutty – to me it had a hint of Swedish licorice. The Genmaicha tea, a Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice, was earthy but refreshing and definitely something I could have every morning. Each tea bag comes with an affirmation (similar to yogi tea) which, I think, makes it even better as part of a morning ritual.

Looking at Buddha Teas online shop is pretty cool as they have sooo many teas to choose from, I mean many! The best part is that you can organise your experience by the teas’ benefits, or just by type of tea of course, so if you’re looking for something specific it’s easy to find!

I give Buddha Teas a 4 out of 5, only because it is a bit pricey.

To find out more about Buddha Teas click here.