A while back I started a new series on youtube for vegan meals that will impress and satisfy your non-vegan friends and family. You can see the first video and recipe for vegan cevapi right here. Today I am sharing the next recipe in this series and hoping that your family and friends will enjoy this vegan minestrone soup as much as mine do. It's easy to make and very satisfying in the colder autumn weather we are now experiencing in the Northern hemisphere. We have been known to eat this in the summer months too, being a family that enjoy soup in all weathers. I truly hope you enjoy this recipe and I'm so glad to be sharing new videos and delicious vegan food with you guys again. Please let me know if you have anything specific on your wish list for videos or content. Wishing you all a lovely day! Malin x


Yields 4-6 servings.


1 brown onion, sliced into half moon wedges

2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped

1 large carrot, chopped into cm wide cubes

2 celery ribs, sliced into similar size as carrots

0,5 courgette/zucchini, chopped into cm wide cubes

3-4 curly kale leaves, stems removed and torn into bite size pieces

0,5 cup frozen peas

0,5 cup frozen corn

1 cup macaroni or other pasta, use gluten-free if needed

1 tsp each of dried oregano, thyme and parsley

1 vegetable stock cube or 1 tbsp vegetable stock powder

3 tbsp tomato puré

1 can chopped tomatoes

1 can of cannelini/white beans or equivalent cooked from dry

1,5 liters of water

Sea salt and black pepper, to taste


Place a large pot over medium high heat and add a little oil or water. Once the pan is heated up add your onions and sauté for 2-3 minutes.

Then add your chopped carrot and celery and cover with a lid. Allow to sweat for 3-4 minutes to soften the vegetables and allow for them to release some juices.

Remove the lid and add in your chopped courgette-zucchini as well as your garlic and sauté for another couple of minutes, until fragrant.

Add in your herbs and stir through the vegetables before adding in the tomato puré and stirring that through as well.

Pour in your chopped tomatoes and water as well as add your stock cube or powder. Give it all a mix to combine it all and dissolve the stock cube.

Bring the soup to a boil and once boiling add your pasta. Boil until pasta is almost to your liking, for my brand of pasta this takes roughly 10 minutes, and then add in your kale and cannelini/white beans.

Mix the kale and beans through and let cook for another couple of minutes,until the kale is vibrant and the beans are heated through. Season to taste and take off the heat.

Serve in generous bowls and if you wish you could sprinkle some nutritional yeast over the top for something extra.

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