Curiosity was awakened when I first saw Finnberrys Nordic berry powders pop up around me on social media. I do have a soft spot for trying new things and seeing that this one hits close to home, Nordic and all, I wanted to share my thoughts on these superfood powders with you guys.

I think everyone reading this has tried some kind of ‘superfood’ at some point in their life, and probably even in powder form. If not, not to worry, they are not essential for your existence on this planet. They are however a fun thing to play around with in the kitchen, giving your food  amazing colour and filling it with concentrated nutrition.

Finnberrys powders are made from wild berries picked in Finnish forests. There are four kinds; lingonberry, bilberry (wild blueberry), cranberry and sea buckthorn. All contain various essential vitamins and lots of antioxidants. My favourites have to be the sea buckthorn powder because it is pretty much impossible to find fresh here in London and the lingonberry powder because it is a flavour I grew up with. Then in jam form, usually as a condiment to black pudding and potato cakes. Not really my every day meal any longer but I’m happy to be able to incorporate the flavour in other dishes.

I have used the powders a lot for smoothies, like this raspberry and lingonberry one, and energy balls, like these, which they are perfect for. They’re also great to sprinkle on your porridge or stir into your yoghurt which gives lovely colours and fruity flavours. If you are into acai bowls the bilberry powder makes a good substitute for when you want some change. What I have yet to try is incorporating them into raw dessert slices or cakes which I think they would be perfect for!

To find out more about Finnberrys nordic berry powders click here.